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New 52 Flash Cosplay at MegaCon

The New 52 designs have been filtering into the costuming community since they were revealed last summer. David Ngo spotted this one, the first I’ve seen featuring Jim Lee’s revised Flash design, at MegaCon this past weekend.

Chin guard? Check. Seams? Check. Gold circle around emblem? Check. V-cut boots? Check.

Now if someone can just figure out a practical way to make the seams glow…

Megacon: The Return of Wally West? (via Bleeding Cool)

Bleeding Cool has just posted a report from this weekend’s Megacon in Orlando, Florida.  Within, there appears to be the first acknowledgement of a possible return of Wally West in the New 52 DCU:

That led us to a young man that asked about Wally West…[DC’s Dan Didio and Eddie Berganza] said because there were de-aging Barry, they didnt want him to be the same age as Wally. Plus they didnt want to take away Wally’s kids and family or make him a teenager again, especially with Bart already in that role…Their answer was that they are simply focusing on establishing the characters they started out with in this new 52, but not saying those other characters don’t exist or aren’t around in some way. They understand that everyone’s character is someone’s favorite. They just ask us Wally and Donna [Troy] fans to be a bit more patient with them and those characters will be seen once more.

Haven’t seen this corroborated elsewhere as of yet, but it is still early in the day.  Watch this space for more!

More Flash Hints from MegaCon and ECCC

Strathaar at Comic Bloc reports from Emerald City Comicon:

Sunday conversation or Superman panel today, I’m tired so everything is mixing together, Sattler was asked about Wally West and wtf is up with the backup being dropped. The fan asked where he could get his fix on.

Sattler replied he can’t say details just yet, but in the next little bit they will have an announcement, and they have big plans for Wally that we will enjoy.

In the same thread, Bookwriter sheds some light on the Kid Flash news.

I attended the DC Nation Panel yesterday at Emerald City Comic Con, and an audience member asked if there was still plans for a new Kid Flash monthly. Ian Sattler did not come out and answer the questions, but smiled, winked and nodded his head up and down. We all clapped and cheered.

Finally, Broken Frontier reports from MegaCon:

Flash is the character to watch next with it’s creative team striving to make Barry Allen the premier Flash. It was revealed that early iterations of the new ongoing was almost like a team book with the whole Flash family, but they decided to make it more Barry focused. Didio joked about it being akin to the Hannah Barbara’s Wacky Races. Visions of Dick Dastardly dressed as Zoom danced in my head.

Flash Flickr Finds: MegaCon

Sadly, I didn’t spot any Flash costumes at WonderCon last weekend (though you can see my photos of other stuff at the con)… and I didn’t find any online either. I did, however, manage to find some Flashy photos from MegaCon on Flickr.

Photos by samaritanx, rossnordean, and apocalyptic.

I found several pictures of the Flash and Starfire in the second picture, making me wonder whether they knew each other or just happened to cross paths frequently. There’s one photo of them with Dan Didio and George Perez, suggesting they’re the ones who went up onstage at the DC Universe panel.

Flash News from MegaCon

It seems that MegaCon revealed more Flash news, as Dan DiDio and Ethan Van Sciver both chose Florida over San Francisco.

Newsarama posts from DC Universe:

Next up, DiDio introduced Ethan Van Sciver—who spoke at length about Flash: Rebirth which hits shelves next month. Van Sciver expressed his enthusiasm for the project and working with Geoff Johns by saying, “This is the book that Geoff and I have been waiting to do our entire careers—we’re returning Barry Allen to the DC Universe,” which was followed by an eruption of cheers and applause from the audience. Indicating that could not talk at length about the project, Van Sciver still managed to tease the audience, “In the first issue, Barry Allen will discover a dead Flash that will lead him to investigate real truths and the scary reality of being a Flash.” He paused, “The only other thing I’ll mention: Issue #3— Superman/ Flash race,” which drew another round of applause from the audience.

Yeah, because that’s what the Flash mythos needs: even more death. 🙄

DiDio asked the audience potentially re-numbering a Flash monthly title. A fan reasoned, “Either 598 or 351—depending on which Flash is in the book.” The panel marveled at how quickly the fan had responded with the numbers.

They shouldn’t be surprised — fans have hashed the topic to death online, long before bringing it to the panel!

There was a short discussion regarding George Perez’s earlier work on New Teen Titans when it was pointed out that two fans in costume, one dressed as Wally West/Flash and the other dressed as Starfire, were both creations from Perez’s first run on New Teen Titans. They were asked to come to the stage—Perez greeted them both warmly and said, “Who knew that creating Starfire would lead to having women dress up like her at conventions…” drawing a healthy amount of laughter from the audience.

Um…no, Kid Flash was not a George Perez creation. He did draw Wally in New Teen Titans, of course…

Also from DC Nation:

QUESTION: DC has been bringing back characters – Barry Allen Flash, Oliver Queen Green Arrow – each had characters existing that took their place. Is there a reason they don’t take on their own identity? Such as the multiple Atoms, the multiple Flashes, the multiple Green Arrows…

DD – Sounds like a great idea for a story some day!