Speed Reading: Convention Round-Up

Links to items from or about WonderCon, Comic-Con International, Boston Comic-Con, and Emerald City Con

WonderCon Panel Write-ups

Emerald City Comicon Panel Write-ups


One thought on “Speed Reading: Convention Round-Up

  1. Kyer

    I’d love to see the difference Waid’s done to ‘Luthor’ in regards to digital, but why did he have to choose zombies as the subject matter? I know, I know…a lot of fans.

    I’m not one of them.

    Anyway, am a bit more concerned about the problems facing digital screens period. Seems that some of the elements that are used to make those thin and beautiful smart phones, TV’s and so forth are rare and increasingly expensive/hard to get. (Do a search on ‘iridium’.)

    On pricing strategies: I’m more likely to try something at 99 cents than at more than that. I’ll pay more for a guaranteed “I’m going to love this because the previous series was great” than a “Huh, wonder if this is any good?” story. In general, people will blow $50 in $1 intervals before they’ll blow $50 in one heap unless its a big want.


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