One Vote

The results of the division championships in Comics Should Be Good’s DC/Marvel favorite character tournament are in. Flash (Wally West) was up against Spider-Man to win the Westchester division. Spider-Man won by one vote. He’ll move on to face Captain America, Batman and Thor.


4 thoughts on “One Vote

  1. Kyer

    Damn. Now I feel bad about not voting in these things.
    Well, not really. 😛 You know Batman is going to win for DC.

    Because he’s the Batman. 🙁

  2. TheFlashisanascarfan

    I was extremely excited that with Wally coming so close to beating Spider-Man, that DC would be paying attention and correct their grievous error in judgement by not including him in their new universe in some way. But then I saw the results in the Superman/Thor match and now I’m afraid that DC is just going to dismiss this whole poll as absolute silliness. It does warm my heart though, that Wally has that much support out there.

    1. Kyer

      Especially when you consider that Thor just had a good movie while Superman and Spiderman are about to have new ones come out….while Wally is only seen as a young pup stuck in Young Justice’s Earth 16 and nowhere else this side of fan works.

      Yet again, I fear what DC might do with the character. (God, that suit of Jay’s. I still hate the thing. Only the Tin-Man-Lantern monstrosity they temporarily thrust on Alan Scott a bit back was worse.)


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