This Week: World of Flashpoint Featuring the Flash TPB

Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring the Flash

On sale MARCH 21 β€’ 256 pg, FC, $17.99 US
Don’t miss this Flash volume collecting GRODD OF WAR #1, KID FLASH LOST #1-3, LEGION OF DOOM #1-3, REVERSE FLASH #1 and CITIZEN COLD #1-3.

I’ll say one thing for DC’s Flashpoint collection strategy: they actually managed to put all the Flash-related tie-ins in one book, without adding too much unrelated material (like tossing Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown in with the Flashpoint/Green Lantern collection).

Grodd of War obviously focuses on Gorilla Grodd, who in the Flashpoint universe has taken over Gorilla City and subsequently conquered the entire continent of Africa.

Kid Flash Lost follows the main DC Universe’s Bart Allen, trying to fix the changes to history before they catch up to his home era and make him disappear as well.

Legion of Doom is a brutal prison break story focusing on Heat Wave, who has gone beyond pyromania to full-on psychosis psychopathy.

Reverse Flash stars Professor Zoom, though it’s only tangentially related to Flashpoint in that it looks at the main DCU’s Zoom trying to change history.

Citizen Cold features a Captain Cold who uses the mask of Central City’s resident hero to hide his criminal past, and the parallel efforts of reporter Iris West and the city’s resident super-criminals to take him down.

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15 thoughts on “This Week: World of Flashpoint Featuring the Flash TPB

  1. Kyer

    1. That is one awful cover picture. The anatomy just looks off.

    2. I wouldn’t want to see Legion of Doom if they paid me royalties for every DC book sold and declared it tax free besides. Would that I could scrape one image in particular from my mind that thoroughly ruined what had been my second favorite DC character of all times…who now I have difficulty looking at without….ugh.

    2b. Have no wish to see Wally die a pointless and demeaning death. For that matter, this was one gruesome event even if it didn’t herald bad omens for Wally fans. It would be cheaper to spend the dough on some splatter movie if one was a champion of such fare.

    In summary I hope this book bombs so badly they end up giving them to the homeless next winter to burn as for warmth.


    But at least I’m not bitter. πŸ˜‰

  2. Lia

    Sorry to be so anal, and I know the book itself said this (which annoyed me), but Flashpoint Heat Wave wasn’t psychotic. That means a break with reality. But he was quite arguably a psychopath, which is someone who lacks a conscience or remorse.

    A guy writing villains like Adam Glass really should know the difference.

  3. Kyer

    Actually (having just come from my daily perusal of what the Scans_Daily people have to offer) I’m truly sickened by the results of Flashpoint even more than ever.

    Billy Batson is now a punk, jerkwad, orphan kid rather than a Little Orphan Annie or a Harry Potter.

    We now know how the Amazons get to have little Amazons, lo, it is not pretty. In fact should some villain decide to wipe Paradise Island off the map in some future book issue I won’t bat an eye.

    The NEW 52! Now with New and Improved Grim & Gritty!
    (Look, kids–comics!)

    I’m going to go puke now. Don’t wait up.

      1. Kyer

        I’m trying to read the CBR input from readers on this, but it’s hard to get a feel on (trolls have a better population breeding program than rabbits, I’m a’thining?) What I am sensing is that Billy is indeed being presented as more ‘realistic’ rather than the ‘pure soul’ Pollyanna that he formerly was. Okay, fine…it’s DC’s property. That doesn’t mean I have to like ‘realistic’ or buy it even if others do.

        This whole thing is starting to remind me of a 60’s movie called What’s So Bad About Feeling Good? where a (happy face-shaped) virus was ruthlessly stamped out because it made New Yorkers happy rather than surly.

    1. Kyer

      Kinda/sorta spoiler:

      From Amazons who were made pregnant through giving sailors a ‘free orgy’ ticket (so to speak) and conveniently forgetting the closing clause of “Oh yeah, and after words we brutally murder you and take any male children we might bear from this to a deformed smithy god to help him make weapons for the rest of their sorry lives.”

      I’m taking it that in this new universe we will NOT be seeing Wonder Woman standing up for the rights of women and basic humanity. Or maybe she’ll get ‘enlightened later’ like supposedly/maybe Billy Batson will one day find kindness in order to be Shazam! at a later date. Right now I’m just sighing and moving on to the next darn review/preview in hopes of finding something that doesn’t make me wince and want to dig out my older DCAU animation disks.

    1. Kyer

      Welcome to the New 52. πŸ™

      We should all be darn grateful that Flash is as recognizable as it is. I’ve now given up on ever wanting to purchase trades other than Flash. Still on the fence about Action Comics and Justice League. Thought I was (for the first time in my life) going to be interested in Wonder Woman on account I’m a bit fascinated with their Hermes take…but yech…what a revoltin’ development *this* is.

      1. Kyer

        In addition, there’s this scan just put out by Scans_Daily which suckered me in because it has to do with a Star Wars/Trek crossover. (Geeking…totally geeking here.) I don’t recognize the character in the latter sketch, but was immediately drawn to it regardless that I’ve no idea who Team Supremo is.

        The guy is smiling.

        Honest to gosh smiling.
        Smiling like he’s *happy*.

        A comic book character who is genuinely HAPPY.

        My mind is blown. I’m loving that picture and I have no idea of who it is or what organization/book he’s tied to.

        He’s *happy*!

        Mind is blown.

        1. Mike W.

          Dick Grayson as Batman was happy. And if I recall correctly Neal Adams Batman always had a smile on his face.

          1. Kyer

            Yeah, but who is happy like that these days? Every scan I see people are scowling or frowning or making disparaging remarks with the exception of some Flash ones I’m not seeing much in the way of light-hearted moments. Do these things still exist in DC or did they get hacked off when the page counts did? Some of my favorite scenes were of stuff like Wally worrying about trying some biscuits Wonder Woman made…(if he declined would she beat him up; if he accepted would he be poisoned? Batman reminding Diana to give Alfred the recipe. I love that kind of side stuff. Love it as much as the HY! Defeated Enemy! Moments.

          1. Kyer

            Who is that? I mean, he’s running with dinosaurs (as opposed to wolves) and his suit looks mighty torn up so I’m not willing to beat that smile isn’t actually a scream of horrific pain. Need more context.

            Need more dinsaurs too. =P (Kyer does love dinosaurs. She eschews magic ponys and is vegan, yet loves dinosaurs. Kyer is a bit freaky that way.)

            Also, please give some info along with links. I was hesitant to click on that even though I’m familiar enough with you because I just came from some cutesy G-rated webcomic called Little League and tried one of their ‘other webcomic’ links only to get dumped into something I’d rate N-17 for gore….no warnings provided in the link. Needless to say I’m feeling kind of wary right now.

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