WonderCon Day 3 Photos / Steampunk Flash

Steampunk Flash
Steampunk Flash. We actually did a feature about his costume last year by the costumers who made it.

My full set of WonderCon 2012 photos are up, from Friday through Sunday. Sunday was really different than the first two days for three reasons:

  • We brought our son along (it was his first comic-con). Having a toddler with you really changes what you can do, how you get around, how quickly you can get around, etc. He had a great time looking at people and displays, and playing with demo toys.
  • We got in late and were stuck parking waaay out at Angel Stadium. (On Friday I actually parked in the convention center lot.)
  • I forgot to drink water and ended up thoroughly exhausted and dehydrated after only four hours at the con.

Seriously: Drink water. Especially if you end up eating salty food because it’s what’s available and you can eat it fast. You’re walking around for hours, and if you’re spending multiple days at a con, you can wear yourself out easily. That’s especially bad if you have a long drive home at the end.

Full convention write-up coming soon, Monday if I can make the time. [Update: it’s here, and it’s linked!]


8 thoughts on “WonderCon Day 3 Photos / Steampunk Flash

  1. Lia

    Glad you had fun!

    Are there water fountains at that venue? I always try to drink a lot during a con, but that’s because I have a dry mouth and a few health issues. Sometimes I bring a water bottle with me, but carrying it for a while wears me down.

    1. Kyer

      Get a water bottle holder…either for a belt or as a shoulder loop. You can usually find them in sporting goods stores. I use a quality steel bottle because plastic…not good. Nor is drinking from public venues because usually the city treats the water with chemicals…but even that is better than nothing.

      If you get really dehydrated, try taking a teaspoon of vegetable oil with your water. The oil helps your body to hold the water in your cells rather than having it immedidately pass right through. Coconut oil is best as it has lots of healing elements as well.

      I loved that steampunk Flash outfit then and even more so now. Piece of art, that.

  2. ValleLator

    OH. You guys did the article?

    You should have told me that, I would have been more down for talkies.

    There were so many people at the con that inquired about it.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Now I’m kicking myself for not saying more. You seemed like you were in a hurry (pun not intended) to get on the shuttle, so I didn’t want to keep you. Sorry!

  3. WallyEast

    If you’re posing in a running pose, don’t pose with the same leg and arm forward. It’s not how you run 🙂

    1. Kyer

      No, no.

      See, the Flash is moving so fast that it only *looks* like he’s running awkward as all hell. Only The Fastest SteamPunk Man Alive can pull that off. 😉


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