WonderCon 2012 Weekend

Captain America and BuckyWonderCon’s first year in Anaheim was a lot of fun despite the rain and wind. I actually enjoyed it more than the last one I attended in San Francisco (WonderCon 2010). Partly that’s because a lousy trip into SF soured my mood, and partly it’s because I spent all three days at the con this year, but it’s also because this year’s con had everything I’ve come to expect at a WonderCon, with more space, so the crowds never got unbearable.

Bane: Free ShrugsThere was a very strong comic book focus to the con, maybe not so much as at Long Beach, but all the major comics publishers were there, plus many of the minor ones. I was surprised to find webcomics wrapped around the large-press area and not hidden off in a corner. The small press and Artist’s Alley areas were huge (especially when compared to Wizard’s Comic Con in the same hall two years ago). And there were comic book dealers all over the place.

The only real complaint I had about the layout was that it seemed a bit haphazard. Marvel, IDW, and DC were front and center, but Studio Foglio and the Winner Twins were stuck in between IDW and DC. Zenescape was off in a corner rather than being clustered with fellow indies Archaia, Aspen and Avatar. And when I say the comic dealers were all over the place, I mean scattered all over the place….

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4 thoughts on “WonderCon 2012 Weekend

  1. Lia

    I can’t believe someone cosplayed as Madam Razz. The photos turned out great!

    Sounds like you had fun! Wish I’d seen the Animal Man animated shorts that debuted at WC…they were apparently funny and one had Captain Cold.

  2. Kyer

    (“One of them told us about the time he was almost bitten by a radioactive spider, and how just for a moment, he actually considered letting it bite him.”)

    Well, hell…if I thought for an instant that being hit by a bolt from the blue would grant me super speed I’d hesitate before moving to safer realms too. 🙂

    God those pics. My family would flip if they knew but I’d so wear a costume if I was at one of those. Just for the sheer heck of having fun.

  3. Kyer

    And now to pull a rabbit out of my hat!

    Yeah, I found another Flash tidbit that has nothing to do with the thread:

    Google this: The Beserker Flash. It’s a detailed painting someone put up on Tumbler within the past 24 hours. Wow. Different. VERY different. Like Conan The Barbarian was hit by lightning and lab chemicals different.


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