Speed Force Plans for WonderCon

Convention CurvesI’ll be attending WonderCon this weekend in Anaheim, California. This will be my fourth visit to WonderCon, though the last few were all up in its usual San Francisco location.

I considered liveblogging some of the DC panels, but decided I didn’t want to lug around the laptop, and I can’t type fast enough on the phone to really do a liveblog justice.

Here’s what I will be doing online:

  • Posting on Twitter at @SpeedForceOrg. Keep an eye on that stream for updates. If Dan Didio announces something like Pandora is actually Wally West, you’ll hear it there first.
  • Posting photos on Flickr, nightly if I have time, or by the end of the weekend. (Here are my galleries of photos from past conventions.)
  • Run-down of Flash news & photos here on the blog, again daily if I have time (and if there’s news!), or else at the end of the weekend.

More: Past convention coverage (write-ups, photos and more).


4 thoughts on “Speed Force Plans for WonderCon

  1. Kyer

    Take pictures! (I never get to go to conventions unless they have to do with *sigh* home improvement/gardening) Take lots of pictures!


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