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  1. Kyer

    Errol Flynn would make a perfect Green Arrow and I want to see the other Shatner/GL stuff. Maybe he has Mirror Mirror Universe Spock as Sinestro!

    XKCD has it spot on. Unless it’s tech or over $300 I now just say ‘screw it’ and purchase as if the internet didn’t exist. Not worth the hassle. (I also still wear a watch because it is flat out faster than pulling out some cell phone and in addition an analog with a second hand is great for timing lunch breaks. You would not believe how many watchless people keep trying to punch back in too soon because they don’t know what second they punched out. Modern isn’t always the best way to go.

    Damn. I thought The Stickiness Factor was going to be about how to deal with almond butter stains on one’s comic books. *munch munch* *smack*. (Then again, almond butter stains might be helping me to ‘remember’ a plotline.)

    Mark was not whining. Waid was being a financial realist. If magazines have managed to keep their costs regularly stable it is because they are now practically all ads. I gave up on magazines a long time ago. Lost interest in floppies when I saw the amount of ads there. Would far rather wait for a (nicely bound,DC! Get your act together!) hardbound trade.

    Always considered thought balloons to be the pictorial version of parenthesis. Who cares if they look ‘cool’. I want the story and art to look cool. The text just needs to be comprehensible.

    When book stores in general don’t carry what you want you end up going online. Now, online is better for finding what you know you want…lousy at getting it to you fast or showing you things you never before knew you’d have been salivating to purchase. I don’t have a comic book shop near me. Wish I did because if it was in the same plaza of my work I’d be in their every lunch break. If it was a sf store as well I’d just bring my sleeping bag and pray the family never found me there.

    So basically the top 10 selling are 1/3rd each Avengers, Batman, and Superman with a GL thrown in. However, Avengers is starring in a major Marvel event (yawn) as well as a much anticipated movie which was planned to capitalize on their successful series of movies. Also, Marvel is printing those books bi-weekly. I wouldn’t worry too much about Flash having dropped. Likely will come back after the event is over or if the event goes sour.

    Dead links are a bane in themselves but far worse when some other group takes over the site. I always scan for malware after hitting such things.

    The great thing about fandom is that you can be hohum on a particular character a blogger is writing about…yet still enjoy the blogger’s enthusiasm and sense of humor (if they have one.)

    God, I hope nobody ever gets sued for an easter egg. That would be petty because they are so much fun.


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