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4 thoughts on “Speed Reading: DC Round-Up

  1. Kyer

    The DC 52 action figures: Holy Hannah on a Hill! What did they do?! It looks like the debut series for Crisis Of Infinite Brain Damage. I swear, Aquaman looks like an ACME anvil just fell on his head, Superman almost as spaced, and Flash looks like he ran so fast he left his I.Q. points behind! Mama mia. 0.0*

    But I must say that it does go well with that picture of the Flash Mob.

  2. Kyer

    Yep, kids are more likely to tune into a cartoon show to discover or rediscover comic heroes than to find and read a comic book. (Some *adults* as well.)

    For me the *Real DC Earth* was the one before they started maiming and killing characters left, right & center. The one that had “Legacy” as well as “Iconic” characters inhabiting the places. Heck, I’d welcome the one even before that..before COIE because maybe one of it’s multi-dimensions held Wally as The Flash living with his supportive wife and friends. This one right now? It’s the one I have to put up with/ignore for some unknown length of time.

    Wait…what? Are they saying that you have to have a facebook account to comment on the new DC website or that Facebook requires a real name? Or that by ‘real name’ you have to use something that could be found in a (Earth) baby book rather than “Superman123″? I’d be really leery–heck, I *am* leery of giving out my real name online and have adviced young fanfic members to not put so much real info out. It’s dangerous.

    I actually liked the new logo on sight, but agree…my first reaction was…fruit cup, not book page.

    (Should really read Didio’s fave list just to know what I should maybe avoid….)

    (Ditto on the Earth-2 link. I’m kind of afraid to know what they have planned. Ignorance might be bliss.)

    Jay in that artwork looks straight out of Norman Rockwell.

    ((Am I the only one with a fat mouth willing to comment and show Kelson these links are appreciated? The man is giving us some of his time in hunting stuff down and posting it. No charge. As grandma would have said…”Shame on you.” Actually, she would have said something ethnically European with a smattering of English, but you get my drift.)) 😛

  3. Kyer

    I finally read the one on Robinson’s Earth-2.

    With his description of Jay I couldn’t help but think that he was also perfectly describing Barry Allen. Does this mean that Jay is a carbon copy of Barry like Didio insists that Wally is a cc of Barry? Actually, since Jay came first, does this mean that Wally and Barry are really just cc’s of Jay and if that is the case…shouldn’t Jay be the one, true, speedster of the DC?

    I’m being sarcastic in case someone couldn’t guess it.

    On consideration I’ve decided that I can live with a younger Jay and Co. The plots depend on how horrific the art gets.

    However, I still loathe Jay’s ‘hip’ costume. Loathe it. Loathe it worse than a sleeveless Captain Cold. Loathe it so much I have difficulty looking at the pic without grimacing each time even after the shock has worn off.

    Has anyone else who loathed it managed to overcome the dislike?

  4. Kyer

    Question: wasn’t Max Mercury first represented as an old friend of Jay’s in Return of Barry Allen? Might we see him reappear in Earth-2? I’ll confess that I wouldn’t mind a costume redesign there since that ‘dracula collar’ always seemed a bit much to my mind’s eye.

    To be clear I’m not being plain reactionary ‘hate new stuff’ on Jay.

    So far on Earth-2 it’s just Jay’s costume that I could happily see tossed in the dumpster. Can’t view enough of it to decide on Alan’s, but I do prefer the version of Superman and Bats….Diana looks okay as well.

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