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Sorry I missed the usual weekend linkblogging post. The time I would have spent on it, I used to build a pinhole camera to watch Sunday’s solar eclipse. In case you’re interested, I’ve put together a photo essay of the eclipse and the impromptu viewing party that sprung up when dozens of people went to the same park with everything from holes punched in cards to welding masks and telescopes.

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4 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. Ken O

    How could you be late? In all seriousness, thank you for including That F’ing Monkey in your linkblogging. We really appreciate it.

  2. Kyer

    Loved the solar eclipse pics!
    The Flash Race Maze is rigged! (no, really. Count the number of false turns for each. ‘…’ Yes, I have no life.)
    The cereal would be a bad idea. Think about it, man, just think about Flash, runs, and different types of cereal. I don’t want to go into details on what some lame brain creative type might come up with in regards to all that, but can you say the word ‘prunes’?
    Lego Flash needs his own Lego series. Sight unseen, I want this to happen. Bad. (want*want*want*)
    Thrillbent is everything I love about a quiet read. No hyper heroics, no villains mouthing plans for world domination…just great characters dealing with what Life handed them.
    Countdown….never read it and more so than ever have no desire to. Sound like a Morass Made at Management’s Meeting. Wasn’t it something similar that nearly destroyed the character of Wally’s dad with Invasion! the enforced ‘event’?

  3. Kyer

    Barry Allen gets his DCnU suit.
    (This little ongoing webcomic is the only place I’ve found dealing with the DCnU where I can actually tolerate Wally’s absence. The fact that its also a kiddie fic (something I normally steer clear of) shows just how adorable I’m finding this.
    And, yeah, little Barry apparently has forgotten to put lines on his boots. Another plus to my overly taxed eyes. 🙂


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