Speed Reading: Art Round-Up


3 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Art Round-Up

  1. Kyer

    First Jay drawing needs a haircut.
    In other news, Ben ‘Jay’ Franklin was struck by lightning while playing with his kite around hard water…
    That hat looks like something you’d find for sale at Whoville.
    I agree with most the others…that TV Guide cover won the match….but Marvin and J’onn was a close second.

    Speaking of J’onn, I ran across a picture on Google Image that turned out to be a Martian Manhunter Tumblr. I am developing a love/hate relationship with Tumblr. On the one hand people there post a lot of pics. On the other hand, people there post a lot of pics THAT Don’t List The Source Material! Gah!
    So if anyone knows where this gem of a scene with Wally playing basketball against GL Stewart is from I’d be much obliged to ya.

    Little League became one of my bookmarks a few weeks back. I don’t care for kids, but this one….this webcomic strip is good. Go back and find the scenes where anti-social Batman keeps saying “Oh My Gosh!” Or Barry is sitting all eager-eyed in a chair wanting to create mischief. Cute as a button. If DC was producing stuff even close to this in the humor category I’d be buying. A plus is that so far the humor hasn’t slid into the R-rated range like Black Cat started to do shortly before she went on hiatus. This humor is for young and old alike.

    Last, if anyone knows of something that blasts house invading black ants off the planet…short of nuclear warfare or calling in The Justice League…(although if you happen to know their number….?)

  2. Kyer

    I found this during my daily google search and (after I stopped laughing) had to share.
    Warning Notice! The link will take you to a comic strip that Barry Allen AND Flashpoint/DC52 fans might not appreciate. I can not stress this enough: this was designed by a Wally fan for Wally fans. If you are only love Barry Allen and adore Flashpoint/DC52 and yet go ahead and click on this….don’t come whining to me. 😛
    (Also I remind you that I also like Barry.)


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