Speed Reading: Creator Catch-Up


3 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Creator Catch-Up

  1. Kyer

    This from EVS article:
    “”This of course brought up regular con whipping boy Wally West. EVS mentioned that Dan Didio has to love this. No matter where he goes it’s all anyone asks about and he loves it. Wally will be back someday but he looks at it like he did years ago with NightWing. And how he was going to kill him just so people talked about him. We would see Wally eventually till then Dan just likes seeing people pissed/talking about him.””
    made me angry.
    Not pissed volcanic fangirl angry….
    Cold angry. Bone deep angry.
    The above perfectly describes the behavior of a school yard bully. Now, should by some world-shattering happenstance I should ever meet Didio, I won’t ask him about Wally. I’m just going to walk away without saying a word like he wasn’t even there. In other words:
    Dan who?


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