Vote! Top 4 Favorite Flash Memories

Thanks for sharing your favorite Flash memories over the last few days! You’ve posted some really inspiring stories. Now it’s time to vote for the top four stories shared by your fellow fans.

Update: The poll is now closed, and the results are in!

Voting is open until Friday at noon Pacific Time.

Once the results are in, the fans with the top four stories will get prizes from our personal collections including Flash variant covers (one of them signed by none other than Geoff Johns) and Flash collectibles!


4 thoughts on “Vote! Top 4 Favorite Flash Memories

  1. Kyer

    Kelson, this is a task to daunt even The Flash, you realize that, don’t you? All those memories are great. I couldn’t choose to save my (internet avatar’s) life.

    Best bet is to use the Wisdom of King Solomon and do the right thing:

    Run like DCAU Flash with the Batmobile and an angry Batman hot on his heels. Hide out for a week….maybe two during which you wipe out all the evidence that the contest ever existed.
    Come back and pretend nothing is wrong.

    *thumbs up* Good luck, man. 🙂

  2. Kyer

    By the way…I wish you’d put up a link for It’s not Flash centric, but he is in it (kinda?)
    Anyway, yesterday’s #50 reminded me why I love classic Superman so darn much.
    And Captain Cold’s expression after Diana glares at him….priceless.


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