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Why I Love the Flash – Contest Winners

Speed Force held a contest to celebrate our fifth anniversary in June, and though it took a while to finish (sorry about that), things are finally back on track. We are pleased to announce the winners, and to share everyone’s stories!

The question posed to readers was simply why do you like the Flash?, and thirteen people responded with some wonderful entries. There were beautiful stories, photographs, and fan art which were a delight to see. We will reprint them all here for everyone to enjoy, broken up into several posts for ease of reading.

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The Speed Force 5th Photo Challenge!

speedforce5th Photo Challenge Collage

At last, it’s the highlights from the #speedforce5th photo challenge! Thanks to everyone who participated by showing off your favorite Flash memorabilia. You have a great mix of toys, customs, comics, original art, and even fan art! Starting from upper left, we have @asowrey1158, @flash_jlanm, @i_am_flash, @royalflood, @shaerileth, @flash_jlanm again, and @bigragzz. You can see all the photos on Webstagram. (Update: or at least some of them on Instagram)

We’re still going through the entries for the Fifth Anniversary Contest, and hope to have the results soon. Sorry for the delay!