Young Justice “Bloodlines”: More Speedsters!

Promotional photos have finally been released for tomorrow’s Young Justice Episode, “Bloodlines” by Peter David. Months ago, he wrote about the voice recording sessions featuring Jay Garrick alongside Barry Allen and Wally West, leading us to speculate that it would be a Flash Family-centric episode.

As it turns out there’s another speedster appearing!

Yes, the rumors were true: Bart Allen is appearing in the episode as Impulse!

@SuperheroShows was kind enough to point me to Worlds Finest Online, where they have six still images plus a 50-second preview clip. Update: Chrome is blocking that link as unsafe. Here’s a copy at Superman Homepage. (How does one get on the mailing list for these preview releases?)

Here’s how the episode is described:

An intruder mysteriously appears inside Mount Justice, claiming to be a tourist from the future. But who is he really? And what is his true agenda?

Young Justice “Bloodlines” airs Saturday June 2 at 10:30 am Eastern/Pacific Time on Cartoon Network.

Jay, Barry, Wally and Bart.

Not only that, but Bart as Impulse, written by Peter David, who wrote the entire run of the original Young Justice series.

I am so looking forward to this!


50 thoughts on “Young Justice “Bloodlines”: More Speedsters!

  1. Collected Editions

    Oh, I was so excited when I saw this go across your Twitter feed. What if Bart actually becomes a recurring character on Young Justice? This show is brilliant, just brilliant.

  2. Kyer

    Any idea who the bad guy is in that pic? Granted, I’m assuming its a villain based on the Lex Luthor/Freeze look.

    1. Kyer

      Excellent Barry, Bart and nice to finally hear Jay say something, but, geez, don’t you think they could have squeezed in just a couple of more examples of how much more inferior Wally was speed-wise to the Allens? I don’t think they got the point across enough so that everyone got it right away.

  3. RedWolfArtist

    Loved this episode, Too Epic and awesome beyond words. I hope this means we’ll have more Wally and Bart Team ups

    1. Kyer

      Unless something major happens for Wally, that’s unlikely to happen or the action will be the sort to make Wally’s fans grit their teeth. Go here and read page 14 and a post by someone named Dread. He/She states exactly how I have felt about Wally’s depictions so far in any animated series, that Wally is shown as mediocre while an Allen saves the day. Wally really only had one great moment (Divided We Fall.) In this episode alone Bart managed with style every act that Wally failed at. Despite a desire to be as happy as I was 24 hours ago, I am not whelmed by events today.

      1. Josh

        I’m with Kyer. The complete marginalization of Wally pretty much completely ruined what was otherwise a pretty fun episode.

        DC’s Wally West smear campaign is becoming unbearable.

        1. Aedien

          God I am so with you. I was so looking forward to this episode. I don’t think all four of the Flashes have ever made an animated appearance together before now. While I like Bart and all of the others, Wally is by far my favorite. So it broke my heart to see him treated this way. He was obviously hurt by the way Barry was ignoring him in favor of Bart, in fact Barry really only spoke to him to ask why he was even there. Mean much? You would think that he would show up at a family event like an anniversary and Wally didn’t seem to happy to be there anyway so it makes me wonder if something happened between them.

          Either way the Wally bashing was so not cool, they beat us over the head with it and at the end of the episode I had tears in my eyes because I was so upset.

          That being said there were some fun moments in the episode, I loved Bart’s interactions with the team and the fact that Dick reacted by calling Wally, so while there were some fun moments I was disappointed overall.

          Btw does anyone else think that it’s weird that Wally needed help escaping the first blast, but he carried a full grown man out of the way of a blast that they had already stated was going to be bigger? What the heck?

          1. Kyer

            I think that last was explained by the first explosion having created a blast hole that stopped the second explosion from reaching out as far before the wall stopped it’s spread. However, that doesn’t explain how Wally (aged 21 but inferiror?) and Jay (aged 90?) were able to catch up with two super speedsters so quickly, pick them up, and haul them up that blast wall in the nick of time.
            Yes, the anniversary made me wonder why Wally wasn’t invited. Also that Bart didn’t even pretend(?) that Wally (so much younger) was still around and alive 40 years later when disaster strikes. Could both Wally and Artemis suffer a COIE Barry fate (only probably without the hooplah and heroics?)

            The more I think about this after a second viewing the more ever part that had to do with specifically with Wally ticks me off and yeah, ruined for me (and quite a few others) what was otherwise a favorite episode. Just as well the b&b stores won’t be offering any more toys for Young Justice. Hope they have a stellar explanation coming up, but after next episode they go on hiatus again.

      2. Josh S,

        I find that post to be pretty petty TBH. Though I’ll admit, Wally being slower than them annoyed me ALOT.
        Also Dread ignores the fact that Barry’s appearances in the movies were stand alone one shots so they didn’t have to worry about whether Flash was making anyone look bad in the long run.
        Also Impulse was pretty much dealing with one enemy. I think in team episodes it’s going to be different.

        1. Aedien

          I was bummed about there not being any more toys, especially since there are more variants of Wally than any of the others, which is funny considering the way that he’s treated half of the time. Like you said Kyer, they better have something really good planned to make up for the way that they treated Wally in this episode. I sort of feel like they have something in mind, but I also am also tired of DC jerking me around. I liked this show partly because it exists outside of the DCnU proper, and it is really only the last place that Wally exists these days, but I’m starting to feel like they’re just going for shock value at this point and to be that’s not enough to make a good show. There are some interesting things that came with the time skip, but to be honest with the way they’ve been handling a lot of things I would have preferred that it hadn’t happened at all. I feel like there are just way too many characters at this point for them to do justice to all of them.

  4. Jesse

    What’s a shame too, is that Bart averted a timeline in which Barry was supposed to die. Was that also the moment therefore that Wally become The Flash? If so, the intervention created a new reality in which Barry is still the Flash and Wally has nothing to do. Hmm … sounds familiar … (edited to add spoiler tags)

    1. Kyer

      Unless Bart and “Neutron” got it wrong and Barry was supposed to die (after Iris was pregnant with Bart’s dad) while it is some other event that brings about the nuclear winter.
      This could be a tribute of sorts to the ending of Chained Lightning where they have to let Barry die in order to save the Earth.
      I doubt it though. As said, the DC has plotted the Flash’s future in Barry’s return and staying in the mantle. (edited to add spoiler tags)

      1. Kelson Post author

        Spoiler tags, please: [spoiler]…[/spoiler]

        Some of us live in different time zones and/or have other things going on that might prevent watching the episode until later in the day.

  5. CraigM

    A fun episode and great to see all four Flashes together. Didn’t like the Red Arrow storyline though. That character is such a downer. Also, did anyone else get the impression that Neutron was a tribute of sorts to Mota (the villain from the Flash 50th Anniversary special, where John Fox goes back in time to ask each of the various Flashes for help)?

    1. Ben Hall

      I agree with with you CraigM, Neutron definitely felt like Mota. Red Arrow is also getting tiresome and seems foolish for trusting his wife Chesire. I do have a feeling all the story lines will tie together by the end.

    2. Aedien

      I just thought it was odd that Roy was somehow able to put on 20 lbs of muscle and get himself entirely back in shape within 2 weeks so they could go on that mission. He is sort of a downer but I liked the comment about Lian enjoying the violence a little too much.

  6. Thunderbolt_005

    Seperate from the New DCU Young Justice continues to be a show worth watching. I am interested in learning what happens to Wally, but YJ is more than just about Wally.

  7. TheFlash1990

    Great episode! Loved the interaction between Barry and Bart, they did a fantastic job with Impulse in this! Hope we see Thawne in the future!

  8. TheFlash1990

    I really hope they keep ALL of them around. No need to “kill off” anyone or whatever. Everyone’s finally where they’re supposed to be as far as characters go – we got Barry as Flash, Jay as old school Flash, Wally as Kid Flash, and Bart as Impulse! It’s PERFECT!

  9. TheFlash1990

    Also, I think from this episode, people who only know Flash from the JL/JLU show will FINALLY see that The Flash on that show combined the personalities of Barry And Bart – just look at how the two act (Barry: easy going and cool, Bart: hyper and a joker) and then contrast that with Wally, who here is most like he is in the comics.

  10. Eyz

    The complete Flash Family!
    Just add Max and Jessie Quick and it will be complete^^

    I prefer that family dynamic so much more than what the current New 52 comics offer us… I mean, DC should always be about Legacy, not the current gritty-Marvel-like DCnU…

  11. ***Dave

    Faboo episode all around. And, yeah, some Wally “bashing” — but I started with the New Teen Titans back when it was canon that Wally was substantially slower than Barry (sonic speeds rather than light speeds) (plus, he was also dying a little every time he used his power, and was retired / going to school). So that aspect didn’t bug me too much.

    It was great seeing the Flash Family together, including Bart. And a reminder of how much we’ve lost in the DCnU changes.


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