Young Justice: Legacy Screenshot Featuring Kid Flash

Flash video game news keeps on coming! This past Friday the upcoming game, Young Justice: Legacy’s Facebook page reached 2000 “likes” and as promised the developers, Little Orbit, ┬árevealed a special screenshot featuring Kid Flash (Wally West):

The screenshot depicts Kid Flash facing down perennial Batman villain, Bane on the island of Santa Prisca, a fictional locale from the animated series. It is unclear what console this screenshot is from but I’m hoping that it is either from the Wii or just a really early build. I am by no means someone easily swayed by pretty graphics (a lot of my favorite games are 2D and from the 16 bit era or below) but I’ve just come to expect more in 2012; Especially when games routinely start out at 60 bucks a pop! This looks like something more akin to the Playstation 2 than a Playstation 3 or xbox 360. I can only hope that playing as Kid Flash will be as awesome as I think it will be.

Little Orbit has released 3 other screenshots throughout the month of May featuring various other members of the team that can be found at the Young Justice: Legacy Facebook page.

The game itself is due to be released in February of 2013 for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS.

What do you all think of the newest screenshot? Must buy, stay away, or too early to tell? Please let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Young Justice: Legacy Screenshot Featuring Kid Flash

  1. CraigM

    The graphics (what little I’ve seen of them) look really bad, and I’m not hopefully for the gameplay as most superhero games (the recent Batman ones not included) never seem to be high quality. I’ll wait until the reviews start coming in, then I’ll think about buying it (or not).

  2. Eyz

    I think it looks actually nice.
    Colorful – if that’s what’s bothering you. “Next Gen” games tend to be usually grey-ish/monochrome, just look at Gears of War of God of War!


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