This Week: Digital Flash(back) #40-42

Flash #40

This week’s digital backissues at ComiXology include Flash v.2 #40-42, featuring a two-part Dr. Alchemy story and the first part of a Kilg%re two-parter.

In “Philosopher’s Stone” and “Elemental Conflict,” Wally West consults the reformed but quirky scientist Al Desmond to help Linda with her spiritual possession (Seamus, the medieval Irish bard who showed up unwanted while they investigated the Celestial Ranch cult last time). But there are two sides to Desmond’s personality, one of which is Dr. Alchemy. This story made an interesting reveal about the nature of the two Al Desmonds, one which seems to have been forgotten or at least glossed over by later Flash writers.

In “Mechanical Failure” (though I prefer the “Night of the Mechanical Zombies” tagline from the cover), we catch up with Wally’s old flame Dr. Tina McGee, now working with her husband Jerry on an artificial intelligence project. But her colleagues don’t seem to be acting quite themselves, and no one will believe her when she tells them something seems wrong about them….

Flash #40-42 will be available on ComiXology Wednesday morning.


10 thoughts on “This Week: Digital Flash(back) #40-42

  1. Esteban Pedreros

    I remember these issues as some of my favorites from the Messner-Loebs era. And it all goes uphill from here… Gorilla Grodd, Vandal Savage, the New Costume… awesome stuff!!

  2. Esteban Pedreros

    now that I see this cover… I have a question. Do you know why DC started to put that small Flash waving at the reader on the cover?
    Even better… do you know who drew it?

    1. Kelson Post author

      I’m not sure, but I do remember it being something they added across the line, at least in the standard-format books. The Justice League comics actually had several images with pairs of heroes from the team that they rotated through.

      When they got to Flash #50 and the new costume, they switched it out for an image from one of the interior pages in that issue.

      1. Esteban Pedreros

        Well, it’s a very nice drawing, but it’s Barry’s suit (which Wally was using at the time). It looks like something José Luis García-López could have drawn for those art guidelines that he draws.

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