Comic-Con 2012 Photos are Up!

Flash Photography

I’ve finished posting my photos from Comic-Con 2012 on Flickr! I kind of wish I hadn’t already used the “Flash photography” pun.

Also, I just want to add: I was originally annoyed at the hotel we ended up staying at, just because it made logistics a lot more complicated. (I wanted something convenient to both the convention and the zoo, and we got neither.) But the view made up for it:

San Diego at Night


5 thoughts on “Comic-Con 2012 Photos are Up!

  1. Kyer

    I love the AT-ST and Tick & Arthur. 😀
    On the AT-ST and other things like that: are these people with a particular booth, the con presenters, or con attenders? I’m trying to picture the logistics of a fan entering the con in such a getup…unless they have special dressing rooms with extra-wide doors for these elaborate and large costumes?


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