Jesse Quick Returns in Ame-Comi

Jesse Quick as the Flash in Ame-Comi: Duela Dent #2

Speedster Jesse Quick is back – not in the New 52, but in the digital-first series Ame-Comi as that universe’s Flash.

If you’re not familiar with the title, it started out as a statue line in which DC’s major female characters were re-imagined as anime characters*. They next moved on to adapting female characters who were similar to more well-known male characters: Jesse Quick as the Flash, Duela Dent as the Joker, etc.**

Earlier this summer, DC launched a weekly comic book online featuring these versions of their characters. Wonder Woman has the first spotlight miniseries, then Batgirl, Duela Dent and currently Power Girl. @TheFlashReborn points out that Jesse Quick makes an appearance as the Flash in Ame-Comi: Duela Dent #2.

There’s one more “solo” miniseries starring Supergirl, and then it rolls over into an ongoing Ame-Comi series. Here’s hoping the Flash will get some time in the spotlight soon.

New chapters of Ame-Comi go up online every Monday on ComiXology, and will appear in print starting in October.

*As I understand it, “ame-comi” is a Japanese term for American comics, so the terminology is sort of backwards – it’s an American interpretation of how the Japanese might adapt an American comic book character.

**Eventually they moved into stranger territory, like repainting Jesse Quick as the Black Flash.


9 thoughts on “Jesse Quick Returns in Ame-Comi

    1. Kyer

      Damn…I guess visitors can’t comment on Tumblr or Facebook unless they have an account with those.
      Devon, I love the plushie pile…especially Cold for some reason…maybe the parka? Especially love the Flash produce box because…vegan here….it appeals. Also…is that a Sprouts or a Trader Joe’s? Both are great places to shop in.

    1. Kyer

      Okay, I’ve said before that I’m not “into” female characters, but I have always enjoyed the fact that Jessie was a capable businesswoman who knew her stuff, had a good head on her shoulders, and loved her dad. This….I dunno what to think of this newfangled Jessie yet. Well, except for going wtf over the helmet thing on her head. (What is it with redesigned speedster head gear of late looking ultra dorky?) Suffice that I’m not all a’titter with anticipation.

      Plus, this makes me even more anxious than ever over what they might do to punish Wally fans if they ever bring him back…like a dorky helmet, a nose ring and mohawk.

  1. Kyer

    Wait a’min…is that supposed to be her HAIR?! Is she like…related to ’80’s Starfire or something? A hair product model? What???

  2. Savitar

    I didn’t know what ‘ame-comi’ was till now……..and still confused over it really. Between the hair and all the lightning bolts, Jesse’s look is too ‘busy’ for me.


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