Media Blitz: West(s) of Central City

Daniel West is resisting arrest.

His role isn’t big in Flash #0, but this random suspect being arrested had a name that no doubt caught the eye of many a reader: Daniel West.

DC Comics confirms that he is Iris West’s brother, and describes him as “a classic case of juvenile delinquency.”

Flash co-writer Francis Manapul continues:

Unfortunately for him, his first major crime is foiled by Flash’s first ever outing as a superhero. In the present, after having served his debt to society, Daniel just wants his old life back. All he wants is to go back home. But what he finds is a city over run by apes, and a sister that’s nowhere to be found. Welcome home indeed. He’ll be setting forth to find his lost sister amidst the disastrous events of ‘Gorilla Warfare!’

In the pre-Flashpoint continuity, Iris had one brother, Rudolph West, one sister, Charlotte West. I’m not sure we ever saw Charlotte, but Rudolph “Rudy” West made many appearances as Wally West’s father. (I think it’s safe to assume given Daniel’s age that he doesn’t have a son named Wally.)

It looks like we’ll finally return to Iris and the other speed force castaways soon. That’s one missing West down…


8 thoughts on “Media Blitz: West(s) of Central City

  1. Martin Gray

    I’m betting he’ll turn out to have become a father while in prison – maybe his girl was pregnant when he was lifted by police. Maybe Mary (she’ll likely get a new name – Maddie!) will be Daniel’s moll – they can raise l’il Wally on the run!

    Or not 😉

    Anyway, cheers for pointing this out, Kelson

  2. Kyer

    Feeling rather down, finally get online…this. *sigh*
    If I wasn’t so exhausted (and depressed) I’d be ranting. Really liked Rudolph West as a character (his shenanigans were often fun to read.) So now he as well as Wally are no longer existing?

    I’m going back to bed.


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