Art: Flash of New 52 Worlds and Wally & Donna vs. the New 52

Two entries in this week’s The Line It Is Drawn feature at Comics Should Be Good. This week’s theme was cover homages.

First up, Flash of Two Worlds featuring the Earth-1 and New 52 versions of Barry Allen, suggested by Ecovore and drawn by Xum Yukinori.

Flash of Two Worlds featuring Earth-1 and New 52 Barry Allen by Xum Yukinori. Help me! Which Flash is best?

So which Flash is better, Barry Allen or Barry Allen?

And then there’s X-Men: Days of Future Past featuring a younger Wally West (Kid Flash) and Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) trapped in the alternate world of the New 52. Suggested by starpilotsix and drawn by John Trumbull.

Wally West and Donna Troy vs. the New 52 by John Trumbull (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

I so wish this one was real so I could read it.

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19 thoughts on “Art: Flash of New 52 Worlds and Wally & Donna vs. the New 52

  1. Kyer

    First Cover: And then Wally zipped by and grabbed the kid out of his danger and confusion…
    Okay, okay, I’ll be civil.
    Dammnit! I want to read that last one too! Got a hoot out of the background posters saying it like it is.

      1. Kyer

        Yeah, I was thinking that as well, but then got called away from he comp before could note it. Also, I see one of the commentators at his site also thinks that is Wally…so it ain’t just us’em. 🙂

        🙁 Of course if it WAS Wally then he’d have already chosen the older version because at *least he was alive then with a hot girlfriend and amazing friends*. Jeez…now I’m all upset again. (It don’t take much.)

  2. Savitar

    Liefelded? Is that an actual verb now? 😀 😆

    Great, great cover. Although while protecting Donna, I like to think that Wally is reaching over with his left hand to rip that particular label off of Starfire’s pic because SHE NEVER WAS! 😉

    1. Kyer

      Ha! Yeah. I can see Wally shaking his fist in outrage at Starfire being labelled a slut…even while Donna there is getting ready to pop him one for thinking she needs defending.

      As for people seeing what they want to see, Xum, heck yes. I ‘see’ Wally every time a nice-looking red head male shows up in artwork. Matt Murdock and Wally West are the same person (because Wally is fast enough to pull this off, jumping universes and identities with the ease that he displayed while in The Justice League.

      Allow me my little dream. ;P

    2. Penny Dreadful

      I remain bummed that some wonderful characters are benched. And then I look at what they’ve done with the current DCNu slate of characters, and I can’t shake the feeling that Donna, Steph, Obsidian, Wally, Jade, Cass et al. dodged a bullet. Big time.

  3. Kyer

    Somewhat off topic but….

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe what I’m seeing!
    Over at Scans Daily they have some scans of first the original Teen Titan book issue where Tim mentions being Robin the Boy Wonder, also the page where he talks about “latest incarnations” of the Teen Titans. Both references *are altered or plain removed* from the DC52 Teen Titans trade book.

    I am scraping my jaw off the floor.

    What other trades are they fiddling with in order to change canon hardly a year old? Will they do this to Flash: Move Forward the first DC52 Flash trade?

    Honestly, I was going to eventually get that book, but now I don’t know. This is disgusting. This is like changing a history text book because you don’t like what happened during some past event.

    Am I over reacting on this? Did past DC execs do this sort of blatant changing of text thing?

    1. Kyer

      Thought just occured: has anyone checked the *accuracy* of the older Barry/Wally Flash stories put out on digital by comparing them page by page to the historical floppy?

    2. Nick

      You are overreacting, because this is largely a non-issue. And, yes, DC has in the past changed and/or altered text (and art) in the past when collecting.

      1. Kyer

        Maybe…or maybe others are UNDER reacting. When I buy a collection of reprints, I expect the page with the reprint of, say, The Scream to show a screaming ghoul/ghost and not a screaming Snoopy wearing a cowl. I would hope that they would at least *note* the change in the trade somewhere….preferably by showing the original art at the end of the book. This….to me this is just *wrong*. Like a bait and switch.

        1. Nick

          “or maybe others are UNDER reacting.”

          No. Editorial made a change and updated the reprint to reflect that. Not the first time this has happened. Won’t be the last time. Nothing to get worked up over.

          1. Penny Dreadful

            I think it just goes to show how poorly planned and disorganized this reboot really is.

            True fact: I checked out a couple of issues of the new Flash book. The art is great, but the characters are still uninteresting. I couldn’t be less interested in Barry, Patty Spivot, or this Elias dude. I hope Piper breaks up with Singh, hightails out of Central City, and shows up in a different comic where he gets something to do that doesn’t involve a. trying to take on the Rogues and b. getting his butt kicked AGAIN. It happened in Rogues’ Revenge and it happened AGAIN in Flash 12. Sheesh.

            1. Nick

              Yeah, there was a certain rush factor going on here with some titles in the New 52, but you gotta credit DC for trying to tidying things up. Most of the time, those in charge wouldn’t care.

  4. Luke

    I saw the second one on Twitter yesterday and… eh. Starfire was slutty before the New 52. Aquaman was always cool, it was just not cool to admit that you liked him. Hawkman was rebooted by Tony Daniel and Philip Tan, not Rob Liefeld. Flash had a dead mother dating to Flash: Rebirth. Wonder Woman’s origin change has been met well.

    So I find the image pretty neat but not exactly well researched.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Just curious: do you always nitpick jokes to death this way? It’s a fun image, not a dissertation.

      I mean, come on: it uses “Liefelded” as a verb!


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