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“Endgame” – Review of TITANS #13

If they made a controversial choice…at least they made it interesting. Yep, that pacemaker is coming into play in a unique way for Wally West, as the team begins to doubt each other’s loyalty and the search continues for Bumblebees memory engram. This issue is chock full of action, with a couple of very interesting twists. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Bad Omen” Review of TITANS #12

This is a perfect jumping-on place for those who have missed out so far (and if you have missed out…wow, you have really been missing out on a great series). We see the aftermath of the crossover with the Teen Titans and Deathstroke, and set the stage for a very big event for our favorite heroes. There’s danger, romance, broken hearts, lost memories, and more in this issue. Don’t miss this one, as it sets the table for the future of the TITANS. Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Wally’s Last Run?! Review of TITANS #5

titans-5-cover“I’m Wally West, the fastest man alive” is how this issue begins…and exactly how fast is that? Wally has been lost in time for the 10 “lost years” of the New 52. He’s become faster if anything…but now he has the race of all time to run. To save everyone, Wally will have to run faster than he has ever run before. And, with time and relationships not what they were before, the question has to be asked…can he do all of that and stay outside the Speed Force itself? Will Abra Kadabra have his ultimate revenge? For more, follow us after the jump!


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Wally West Needs Your Vote in ROUND TWO of Superhero March Madness!

Barry Allen won his match against Cyborg in Round 2 of Superhero March Madness, and now it is once again Wally West’s turn as he faces off against The Movement’s Virtue!  Here’s a quick link to the match up – but while you’re there be sure to check out the other match-ups for today (including Donna Troy versus Hawkeye!):


Oh, let’s go ahead and give that Donna Troy match-up versus Hawkeye too!


Thanks to all for your support in DC Marvel Superhero March Madness!

DC Teases “Wally,” “Donna,” “Five Years Later” in All-Access

Don’t get your hopes (or dander) up just yet, but in DC Comics’ latest “All Access” video aimed at fans, they teased a few fan-favorite characters by leaving the names “Wally,” “Donna” and “Stephanie” on a whiteboard. They’re also planning a series called Five Years Later, rumored to be looking at the near future of the New 52.

Wally and Donna on a Whiteboard, screencap via Newsarama

Stephanie Brown has been confirmed returning as Spoiler in “Batman Eternal,” so anything’s possible at this point.

Wally West and Donna Troy could appear in the future series, but not the present of the New 52, or perhaps they might show up in Flash and Superman/Wonder Woman as suggested by the board. Either way, it’s worth remembering that many characters have changed significantly in the New 62, and an updated version of Wally or Donna could easily be missing the characteristics that appeal to their fan base.

It could just as easily be misdirection.

Even if it’s a real plan, plans change. The last seven years of The Flash are littered with abandoned plots (everything teased in Flash: Rebirth and Flash Secret Files 2010 that didn’t directly involve the Reverse Flash), dropped characters (never mind the speedsters, how much have we seen of Piper since his reintroduction?) and stories (the Gem Cities cold-case story that was going to focus on Barry Allen’s civilian side), abrupt changes in direction (do I really have to spell it out?), and even outright lies (remember the solicitations for Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #14 and 15?).

(Personally, I wouldn’t put an outright prank past the current regime at DC.)

So the names are out there. Make of it what you will, but it’s way too early to pull out your Jump To Conclusions mat.

Art: Flash of New 52 Worlds and Wally & Donna vs. the New 52

Two entries in this week’s The Line It Is Drawn feature at Comics Should Be Good. This week’s theme was cover homages.

First up, Flash of Two Worlds featuring the Earth-1 and New 52 versions of Barry Allen, suggested by Ecovore and drawn by Xum Yukinori.

Flash of Two Worlds featuring Earth-1 and New 52 Barry Allen by Xum Yukinori. Help me! Which Flash is best?

So which Flash is better, Barry Allen or Barry Allen?

And then there’s X-Men: Days of Future Past featuring a younger Wally West (Kid Flash) and Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) trapped in the alternate world of the New 52. Suggested by starpilotsix and drawn by John Trumbull.

Wally West and Donna Troy vs. the New 52 by John Trumbull (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

I so wish this one was real so I could read it.

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