This Week’s Digital Flash: Argus, Arrowette & Smallville

Flash #86 Impulse #41

This week’s Flash comics are all digital, including two re-issues today, and one new chapter in the Impulse story on Smallville on Friday.

Flash v.2 #86: The Flash and Argus go against the alien weapons-dealers, the Combine. (Note: ComiXology’s summaries have been off a few issues lately. They describe this one as having to do with the lawsuit storyline.)

Impulse #41: “Arrowette’s back and she’s asked Impulse to help her solve a string of mysterious thefts in several schools. In order to do so, Bart’s got to accompany her to a dance where he believes he’s uncovered the source of these thefts–and it involves just about everyone in Flash’s Rogues Gallery!”

Smallville Season 11 #26: Continuing “Haunted,” guest-starring Impulse. Read more about this storyline in last week’s article..


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Digital Flash: Argus, Arrowette & Smallville

  1. Kyer

    Argus…ugh. The only Flash books that I’ve read and downright don’t ever want to read again were the ones featuring Argus. Even the early issue with ‘The Joker’ on the cover had one redeeming feature to it, imho.

    Off topic a bit: I saw a scan of Young Justice (comic book) over at Scans-Daily and was a bit miffed that Dick’s birthday scene did not have Wally in -despite the many food scenes!- so was going to ask if he’s been in those books at all since Invasion started….but then some commentator mentioned the book was being cancelled in two more months. *sigh*
    Also heard that the cartoon is starting either Jan 5 or 12 and it will be the last season of it. *mega sigh* This was the last bastion of the old DC (the DC I truly cared about) so am really bummed about it whether Wally was there are not.)

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