New Flash Debuts in Justice League Beyond #19

Justice League Beyond #19 - The Flash

Newsarama talks with Justice League Beyond series writer Derek Fridolfs about “Recruitment Drive”, in particular tomorrow’s digital installment “Flashdrive,” featuring the debut of an all-new future Flash. From the preview panels in the article, we learn that her name is Danica and she works as a tour guide at the Flash Museum. And, keeping with tradition, she’s always late.

Here’s a link to Justice League Beyond on ComiXology. New issues are released weekly on Saturdays, and the stories are collected in the print series Batman Beyond Unlimited.

I’ve long thought that if DC were ever going to really reinvent their lineup like they did in the Silver Age (a missed opportunity for the New 52, IMO), the Flash would be one of the A-list characters with the most flexibility as far as identity goes. There’s nothing critical in the concept that requires the Flash to be a man, a scientist, a cop, book-smart, streetwise, rich, poor, white, arrogant, compassionate, only child, orphan, or anything else except fast.

The name — Flash, not Flashman — may be why some of the higher profile alternate reality projects, the ones that really made an effort to do something different with the concepts instead of variations like “medieval DCU” or “Gilded Age DCU,” made their Flashes women. I’m thinking in particular of the Tangent Flash and Stan Lee’s “Just Imagine” Flash. And of course once you’ve committed to creating an entirely new character for the role, you’re not tied to the previous character’s race, profession, or anything else about their personal identity.


14 thoughts on “New Flash Debuts in Justice League Beyond #19

  1. Nick!

    “I’ve long thought that if DC were ever going to really reinvent their lineup like they did in the Silver Age (a missed opportunity for the New 52, IMO)”

    Oh my gosh…could you imagine if DC actually did that? People are having enough arguements over just the minor changes the New 52 did. I could only guess what would happen if they went for a full-overhaul!

  2. Ken O.

    I would have rather a full Silver Age style reboot than the partial reboot that we got. Either do it all the way or don’t do it. Anyway, I really, really like the costume design.

  3. Lee H

    From the previews it looks like she’s going to be a fun character. The idea of her being a fan of the previous Flash is a bit of a recurring theme – Barry Allen was enjoying a Flash comic in his first appearance, and Wally West was president of a Flash fan club.

  4. CraigM

    This makes me want to start reading Justice League Beyond, but I hate digital comics. Hoping this storyline gets collected in print at some point.

    1. Kelson Post author

      These stories, along with the digital-first Batman Beyond and Superman Beyond stories, are collected in the print series Batman Beyond Unlimited. I’m not sure exactly how the schedule works.

  5. Savitar

    Yes, Bruce (and Ace) are still alive and kicking, helping Terry.

    I’ve enjoyed all the Beyond titles, Batman, Superman, and Justice. So this news is great. Love the costume (it’s great to see the open cowl look, a look Wally made oh-so-popular) She appears to be a fun new character. Can’t wait to read it.

  6. Kyer

    Please pardon me, because I never watched the show and I’m not trying to be a ‘wet blanket’: if Bruce and Clark are still alive then what about the rest of the League? Where’s Diana, Wally (or Barry, or Bart?), J’onn? Each of those should (bar accident) have survived at least as long as Bruce Wayne.

    I can’t help but think that this would have been a great way to introduce Irey West back into the show….(and I didn’t even care that much about Wally’s kids.) Heck, as stated, that’s pretty much the costume Brett Booth designed for a West. 🙁

  7. Kyer

    “The League headquarters was destroyed, people were injured, and some killed.”
    Oh. Gee. Let me guess who was on the Obituary the day after the disaster? Right. Question answered. I’m doing a big pass on this for several uninteresting reasons.

    1. Kinowolf

      It’s not as dramatic as you think. This is based in the DC Animated Universe, so when it comes to The Flash, it’s unclear if Barry Allen existed (he might have) and the whereabouts of Wally West haven’t been made clear in the DCAU Beyond future continuity. He definitely wasn’t re-introduced and then killed off in the same arc. I imagine this story will explain where he or his children are.


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