Dial H’s “What The…” Cover Has a Flash Connection

Dial H 11Remember how there’s supposed to be a sort of crossover between Flash and Dial H coming up? Well, DC just released the full fold-out “WTF” cover for April’s Dial H #11 at MTV Geek. This may explain the connection…

Dial H #11 full cover MTV Geek


8 thoughts on “Dial H’s “What The…” Cover Has a Flash Connection

  1. Kyer

    I’m….I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. Somewhere between depressed and FU DC.
    First Wally gets erased because of a rushed last minute Flashpoint change so that he can’t come back in DC52….

    I don’t remember how to do a spoiler…I’m frankly too upset. So:

    spoiler below !!!!
    Wally is killed in Young Justice finale. Barry couldn’t even go with Artemis and face his parents. Neither could Jay. DC Ed must be laughing their ass off.

    Didn’t really think it would be Wally returning in Dial H, but right now? I’m already stressed out. That cover doubly stinks for me, reminding me of how much DC has gone to seed in my eyes.
    I’m taking a DC/Marvel hiatus.

    1. Kelson Post author

      That’s odd. At this point, I think it would make more sense to just introduce Jesse Quick as the first-generation Quick. It seems to be that she’s surpassed her father in terms of audience recognition much as Zatanna has surpassed Zatara. Plus you cut down on name confusion with the Crime Syndicate version.


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