Dallas Comic Con Exclusive Funko Pop Reverse Flash Announced!


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Dallas Comic Con has just announced their first exclusive; a Funko Pop! Reverse Flash figurine that is limited to only 2,000 pieces along with a Glow in the Dark variant limited to 500 pieces to be released and sold at Dallas Comic Con coming up May 17 through May 19, 2013.

Now Funko is no stranger to exclusive Flash offerings; Just last year New York Comic Con in collaboration with DC Entertainment, Funko Pop!, and Fugitivetoys.com offered an exclusive Funko Pop! Black Flash Figurine. This year Dallas Comic Con has the distinction of carrying the exclusives but unfortunately there is no official option for collectors not attending the event!

The first DCC exclusive toy!  Attending fans can pre-purchase their Reverse Flash online here and pick it up at the DCC booth in the main lobby during the convention.  Reverse Flash and Glow In The Dark Reverse Flash are available as a combo, and the standard version is available individually.  VIP ticket holders will receive one of the standard paint edition in their goodie bag.

Dallas Comic Con exclusive FUNKO Reverse Flash POP! Limited to just 2000 pieces. Chose from our exclusive Reverse Flash or as a special combo version with both the POP Reverse Flash AND the ultra rare DCC exclusive POP “Glow in the Dark” paint Reverse Flash limited to just 500 pieces.  Reserve yours now to be picked up at the May 17-19 Dallas Comic Con. Finished product will have an exclusive DCC logo sticker. Product may slightly vary than pictured.

Attendees can pre-order them here. Sorry no orders unless you can attend the show this year.


Picture courtesy of Cooltoyreview.com

So it seems like collectors who won’t be able to make it there are going to have to either find a friend who is attending or hopefully find an auction on eBay that is decently priced. As it is the single standard figurine goes for $15.00 and the Combo pack featuring the standard and glow in the dark variant goes for $45.00. I could easily see both of these prices doubling for those not fortunate enough to make it out to the con. To that end if anyone has the ability to score one for me I would be doubly appreciative. 🙂

0029127Picture Courtesy of Cooltoyreview.com

So what do you all think of the Funko Pop! Reverse-Flash Figurine? How do you feel about the lack of an online option for this exclusive? Please, let us know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Dallas Comic Con Exclusive Funko Pop Reverse Flash Announced!

  1. Charles Solomon

    What can I say? It’s all curse words… (praying that both the regular and Glow-in-the-dark will go on sale on ebay) I want!!!!

  2. Kyer

    But it’s THAWNE. Argh. (He who was partially responsible -thank you writers- for Flashpoint Fiasco.

    In reality it’s just a repaint of Flash. I’d much rather have a Pied Piper if it must be a villain. Better would be old universe Jay. A Funko Jay would rock. Or a Funko Imulse. Funko Max. Anyone but Funko Reverse Flash or Funko Grodd.

    1. Lia

      A con exclusive is generally unlikely to be a new sculpt because that’d cost too much money. They’re typically repaints, or have minor retooling such as a head or face sculpt.

      Don’t be mad at Thawne (or Barry) — he’s just a puppet for the writers’ decisions :\

  3. Kyer

    I meant to shout this out to you before, but got sidetracked by real life issues and then YJ finale on top….yeah….bastard of a week.
    Anyway saw this toy set at Target as an exclusive thing. They have an online pic:
    I think it looks horrible and the price is…wow. Not getting. But thought you’d like to see it anyway just because.

    1. Devin Post author

      Yeah I actually have the single version of that figure. He comes packaged with one of Red Tornado’s accessories from JLU. I think you have to look at them from a young child’s viewpoint since I think these are marketed to a younger audience for the most part.

      1. Lee H

        They’re mostly repaints of Batman: The Brave and the Bold toys, right? Definitely aimed at kids. They’re chunky and durable, and with just enough articulation to play with.

      2. Kyer

        Most are all right for young kids toys, but Flash’s face (what is it with toy sculptors and Flash’s face?) looks weird in the eyes and is that a pout on his lip? Plus Wonder Woman looks like she’s wearing a super short micro skirt over panties. If not for those two, it would be a decent set, imho. And the ad…”A drive…” Flash does not drive. 😛


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