New Tidbits From ‘Flashpoint Paradox’

Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox 17

There’s been quite a bit of Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox information and images released in the last day, although I suspect it wasn’t entirely authorized. Screen Rant posted what was apparently a ten-minute preview from the movie, but it’s already been removed by Warner Brothers. However, the site still contains an interesting piece of information:

“The Justice League members will still be featured, but they won’t be the ones entrusted with carrying the plot and giving fans more of the heroism they know and love. This is Barry Allen’s show, and the newest peek behind the scenes gives a brief rundown for those unfamiliar with Barry’s backstory, while highlighting the impressive voice cast assembled for the adaptation.”

So it seems Flashpoint Paradox will definitely be of interest to Flash fans, and it’s nice to see a Flash-centric film for once.

That isn’t the entirety of Flashpoint Paradox news, however. Other sites are posting images of what are possibly screencaps from the removed video, and among them is a collection of some Rogues designs.

flashpoint rogues

Personally, I am utterly delighted to see the Top there, and the movie has gone from a ‘probably will get it’ to a ‘must get it’ for me. The character designs are certainly stylized and might take some getting used to, but overall I like it. And the stills we’ve already seen from the film aren’t quite as extreme as these images suggest, so maybe these aren’t the final designs.

There are more images available at the Idle Hands blog, including designs of all the Justice League members and some other DC villains, as well as storyboards showing of a bit of the action. It certainly gives some hints as to what the movie will be like.

What do other people think — do you like the character designs? Are you interested in the film?


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