Flash March Madness Enters the Final Four!

Voting is now underway at Flash March Madness in the Final Four Round, with today’s match-up featuring brother against sister with Captain Cold versus Golden Glider!

Tomorrow’s match-up will be the Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) versus Mirror Master (Evan McCulloch). Our Final Round will cover both Wednesday and Thursday, to give as many people as possible a vote for the champion of Flash March Madness!

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6 thoughts on “Flash March Madness Enters the Final Four!

  1. Scott

    Again I am a huge flash and flash world fan, but golden glider (especially early version) top five most worthless garbage characters…honestly how the heck did she make it honestly

  2. Kelson

    Characters are only as worthless as the imagination of the people writing them.

    Aquaman, king of the “useless superhero” jokes for decades due to Super Friends, has one of DC’s top books. Green Arrow has a hit TV show.

  3. scott

    That’s true about the writer but Ernest Hemingway couldn’t make characters like rainbow raider decent.

    1. Kelson

      Of course not. Ernest Hemingway wasn’t a superhero writer.

      Just because you personally can’t think of a way to make a character work doesn’t mean no one else can.

      And c’mon: Rainbow Raider controls an emotional spectrum. Make it THE Emotional Spectrum, and you have tons of potential for someone who wants to build on it.

  4. Scott

    I know he didn’t it was a joke making a point. Rainbow raider might have cool angles to play but he would In my opinion (let me emphasize the opinion part) still be a silly gimmick. like a comedian would be offended by cheap jokes I don’t like no thought process gimmick characters…I mean look at way he is drawn and then name… Some characters just suck and that’s why they have a short comic life…love comics love imagination and making characters go far but some r just worthless and garbage. That’s my point some just suck. I am entitled to think characters r garbage excrements from bad ideas with being rude ( not extremely rude anyways) …enough of the negative blogs ill be nice again.


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