Flash Fans At The Most Interesting Times…and Places

Today, I stopped by my favorite LCS, Ultimate Comics in Durham, North Carolina, to get in on a book signing and to say farewell to one of the folks signing books…Jason Strutz, who is moving to Michigan.  Jason provides the colors for a book published by Action Lab’s Danger Zone mature readers imprint, called “Ehmm Theory”, written by Brockton McKinney and penciled/inked by Larkin Ford…and all of them were on hand today.  For those who aren’t familiar with this title…look it up, this is a delightfully bizarre series and loads of fun to read.

What does this have to do with the Flash?  Hang on, I’m getting to that.

The cover for “Ehmm Theory” #1 conveniently leaves room for additional sketching…and while I tried to think of something to request, Jason (who knows that I write for SpeedForce) interrupted with the perfect idea for a title like this…a monster version of the Flash!  That started up some Flash-related conversation, and we found that the writer of the series, Brockton McKinney, is a big Flash fan…and follower of this site!  At the end of the day I have a great cover (below – click on it and you’ll get a better pic of The Flash) and enjoyed getting to talk to indie creators who also enjoy reading about The Fastest Man Alive.  Here’s a couple of pics for you (I’m the old guy in the blue shirt)…enjoy!

ehhm theory 1 with monster flash IMG_0703


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