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Beguiled? Review of EARTH 2 #25

earth 2 25 coverVal-Zod finally joins in the fight, and Jay Garrick plays a major role as new aspects of his power are revealed in the battle to save Earth 2 from the Bedlam-controlled, “Brutaal” former-Superman.  But, are the best efforts of the Wonders too late?  That, and much more are found in this action-packed issue of EARTH 2!


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“The Resurrected Hope” – Review of EARTH 2 #22

earth 2 22 coverThis issue of EARTH 2 has a theme of resurrection – in more ways that one.  A hero returns, another learns his way, and the “resurrected hope” may have the key to any chance our Wonders have of survival!


The returning hero is revealed in the first pages…Alan Scott is once again saved (or this time, resurrected) by the green flame. His teammates are unaware of this so far, as events elsewhere are ready to unfold quickly.  Young Jimmy Olsen of Earth 2 (only 13 years old on this Earth) is starting to figure out some of the meanings of Doctor Fates ramblings…including the identity of the person identied as the “resurrected hope”…and no, it isn’t Alan Scott.  As the Kryptonian starts to gain power, the group is attacked – and that sets up the twist at the end that may finally turn this battle around…but for that we’ll have to wait until next issue.

Tom Taylor is an excellent storyteller, and this issue is no exception.  There are a number of events going on simultaneously, but it doesn’t look forced – everything is blending well into the main plot.  The art as always is outstanding – I love Nicola Scott’s pencils, Trevor Scott’s inks and Pete Pantazis’ color work.  Jay Garrick fans will need to wait just a bit longer to see him in this story…but fans of these Wonders should be happy with another great issue of EARTH 2.

Death Destruction and…Bedlam! Review of Earth 2 #21

earth 2 21Things are only getting worse for our Wonders and the World Army.  The Superman of Earth 2, under Bedlam’s control, seems unstoppable as he cuts a path of destruction through the entire planet.  The few Wonders remaining try to formulate a plan…but are they already too late?


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The Man of Terror and The Fastest Man Alive on…Earth 2 #18 (Review)

earth 2 18 coverThings are looking very bad for the new generation of Wonders.  With Superman now under control of Darkseid’s forces, there’s not much any of our heroes can do to stop them…at least that’s how it seems.  There is a new Batman in town…and a New 52 Red Tornado with an interesting personality.  But, so far they have not been able to stop this Man of Terror.  Now that the World Army is in shambles and the Wonders are beaten down, what else could possibly go wrong?  That’s where we pick up with the latest issue of Earth 2!


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Robinson Leaves on a High Note…Review of Earth 2 #16

earth 2 16 coverThe battle is on with Steppenwolf and his forces.  Can even the new Wonders of Earth 2 stand against this threat?  Things aren’t looking so good for our heroes, as James Robinson pens his last issue of Earth 2.  This issue has more action than all the previous issues combined…and the reveal at the end is a HUGE shocker!


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Attack! (Review of Earth 2 #15)

earth 2 15 coverEarth 2’s new Wonders are taking the fight to Steppenwolf…but things aren’t looking so great for our heroes. Just how powerful are the forces from Apokolips? The answer appears to be all too clear in the latest issue of Earth 2!


This issue starts with Jay Garrick trying to remember just what hit him…and the rest of his team. Brutaal, the Beguiler and Bedlam have proven to be more than a match for the Flash, Green Lantern, the Atom and Doctor Fate. The fact that everyone is still alive is amazing…and a bit puzzling. Meanwhile, we get updates on Hawkgirl’s investigation into Sam’s death and Mr. Miracle and Barda’s fight against Fury…and things are simply not going our heroes’ way today. In the end, one more Wonder makes an appearance…but who is this new Wonder fighting for?

We still have James Robinson (for now) on this title – with another excellent story. Nicola and Trevor Scott on pencils/inks and Pete Pantazis on colors give us excellent artwork throughout – the battle scenes are outstanding in this action-packed issue. I can anticipate some concerns as to how easily our heroes are beaten down…but this story is far from over, and I’m looking forward to how this is resolved as the arc moves ahead. Earth 2 remains one of my favorites titles in the New 52 – and this story is no exception.