Trinity War Picks Up Steam in Justice League Dark (review of Issue #22)

JL_DARK_22_r1_xxx580bfg5_This is my favorite issue of the Trinity War arc so far – heroes are choosing sides left and right, plans of action are being made and changed all over the place, and the machinations of the big bad behind all this are just beginning to be revealed.  It is an exciting issue full of action and intrigue, and the potential scope of it’s impact on the DC Universe is just beginning to be seen.


In this issue we see several facets of the “Trinity” angle coming into play.  The various members of the three Justice Leagues are reforming into smaller groups, going after what each thinks is the most important task given the threat.  And, the various members of the Trinity of Sin are also in play – Pandora is on the run, Phantom Stranger warns Batman and his group about the danger of finding Pandora, and The Question frees Superman to help him find just who really did kill Dr. Light.  Superman is looking worse by the minute, but he is determined to get to the bottom of this, as are all the groups in play.  Problem is, they can’t agree on just what IS the right thing to do here.  You can bet there is more conflict here, and no one…not even Amanda Waller…can get everyone to play along.  Will our heroes be able to pull things together, or will their conflicting efforts only make the ultimate plan of our big bad that much easier to attain?  That’s what we’ll have to see as Trinity War continues.

Jeff Lemire has put together an amazing script here, pulling together so many different characters effectively and building the tension to a fever pitch.  As I’ve already noted, this is my favorite issue of the Trinity War arc so far, and I’m looking forward to what comes next.  Mikel Janin’s art, with colors from Jeromy Cox is spot on – a very difficult task when putting together so many heroes and trying to maintain the distinctive look of each from their own titles.  This is an “event’ comic truly worthy of that name – be sure to check out JL Dark #22!


6 thoughts on “Trinity War Picks Up Steam in Justice League Dark (review of Issue #22)

  1. Kyer

    Got to say that in-fighting amongst the good guys is not my favorite thing. (Didn’t even care for that episode in Justice League DCAU.) However, part of me is still curious about how this goes. I still feel drawn towards The Question (never did get to read a full story with Vic Sage, dang it!) so am also not crazy about his being a bad guy in the DC52.
    Yet it is intriguing.
    How’s the gore level rate so far (as opposed to just plain violence such as punching, wrestlings, maybe some flesh wounds? Figure me as the equivalent of a 5-year old. Would you want a family 5-year old to see this book or would you have reservations? 🙂

    (Kyer has recently purchased Flash Annual 2 and Absolute All-Star Superman. Is fervently praying they don’t get lost in the mail! Any accompanying well wishes are appreciated.)

  2. James

    We’re halfway through and I’m still loving this; it seems like Geoff & Jeff took stock of everything Marvel did wrong with AvX last year.

  3. Ed Garrett

    The gore level isn’t bad, even for a kid. But, the action is intense, and the idea of Superman being suspected of killing Dr. Light may be a bit much for little kids. It is a great read for older kids and beyond.

  4. Diego Calazans

    I think the plot is hard to accept. Batman and Wonder Woman mainly are acting as spoiled children here. There wouldn’t be needed any conflict if they decided to create three teams to search one clue each. As they’re doing, but without the need to fight each other. It’s usually hard to explain why heroes would fight each other. I think the struggle between Green Lantern and Wonder Woman on Justice League was more plausible than all this Trinity War nonsense. However, if it become clear somehow that they’re being controled by someone, I can try to believe this whole war makes some sense. When Batman and Wonder Woman were picking their allies, I was only thinking “Wait a minute… why Barry doesn’t say something? He’s the cool-head voice of reason”. Good old Billy Batson would protest against this bullshit too. It’s so hard to believe that this stupid fight could really occur.

    1. Kyer

      Ditto. It has to be (or at least I fervently hope it is) caused by an outside element manipulating emotions/thinking. I wouldn’t mind that in a story plot as long as everything goes back to normal after the heroes ‘kick the butt’.

  5. Scott Timms

    It is gonna end with all the heros disappearing isnt it? I like the story so far and thought part 3 rebounded from an underachieving part 2. I get why they are all fighting. Going after Pandora or not, following the orders of ARGUS or not, should Superman be held or not. Its more of a general split on different motivation. It will all go back to normal eventually but i think this will led into a villian month where no heros are around then go back.


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