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DC Collectibles New 52 Heroes vs. Villains 7-Pack Review and Pics! *Image Intensive*


Hey Speed Readers,

So even though the New 52 Heroes vs. Villains 7-Pack actually isn’t scheduled for release until Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 20th, 2013 thanks to some enterprising individuals I got the set in my hands a few days early. Check out my review and bunch of pics below.

More pics after the jump!

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Trinity War Update! (Review of JLA #7 and JL Dark #23)

JLA 7 cover JL Dark 23 cover Time to catch up on Trinity War!  There are a few things becoming clear in this story arc that spans all the Justice League titles – most especially that there will be long-standing effects on the entire DC Universe from this series.  This tale is picking up speed as it goes along, and it is actually improving in quality as it picks up the pace.  Let’s start with JLA #7, and then we’ll take a quick jump to JL Dark #23 (Note how the covers are matching up, just as the first three installments made one picture…wonder what the last part of THIS picture will be):


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Trinity War Picks Up Steam in Justice League Dark (review of Issue #22)

JL_DARK_22_r1_xxx580bfg5_This is my favorite issue of the Trinity War arc so far – heroes are choosing sides left and right, plans of action are being made and changed all over the place, and the machinations of the big bad behind all this are just beginning to be revealed.  It is an exciting issue full of action and intrigue, and the potential scope of it’s impact on the DC Universe is just beginning to be seen.


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Trinity War Continues in Justice League of America #6 (review)

JLA_6_r1_zwvgxuxy18_As we left the Trinity War arc in Justice League, it appeared to everyone that Superman had killed Dr. Light…even Superman thinks he did it.  The battle is on between the Justice League and the JLA, with Amanda Waller pulling every string that she can…and with someone else behind all of this!


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DC Collectibles’ New 52 Superheroes Vs. Super-Villains 7-Pack Revealed!

Hey Speed Readers,


DC Collectibles released their solicits for November 2013 and there is only one real item of interest for New 52 Flash fans:




The battle between good and evil rages on with this special 7-pack action figure set that includes Aquaman, The Flash, Batman, Catwoman, The Joker, Captain Cold, and Black Manta!


All-New Aquaman Head Sculpt and Sceptre

The Flash Metallic Redeco

Batman Metallic Redeco

All-New Catwoman Action Figure

The Joker and Captain Cold Redeco

*Action Figures* $99.95 US • On Sale November 2013

*Allocations May Occur


Nothing too exciting if you plan on just purchasing the Captain Cold figure separately in September, but since I’ve been trying to build and expand my own DC Universe in action figure form, Catwoman, The Joker, and Black Manta will come in quite handy. I have to decide which Batman and Aquaman I prefer to have in my display but I have a feeling they will both be joining that new Flash figure in my Justice League team. Batman looks especially boss with that darker color scheme.

The Flash collector in me will be thrilled to have a Flash with the lightning seams painted in and that excellent metallic sheen reminiscent of the Kotobukiya Flash statue. I’m not sure what exactly is different about the Captain Cold redeco (maybe that icey arm?) but I won’t mind having two; one to put with my Secret Society of Super Villains display and one to put with my Rogues display.

These figures usually retail for about $24.99 a piece so even at the regular price of $99.95 this set is a steal. Of course I’m going to keep an eye out for a deal similar to what I found on the We Can Be Heroes 7 pack set but they only come out to about 14 bucks at regular price which isn’t bad.


While I’m not too upset about the exclusive figures being packed in with figures I already have I can understand the frustrations of others. Catwoman, Katana, and Vibe are figures that can only acquired by purchasing figures that many of us have already procured. They feature some new additions like head sculpts and paint jobs but they are still the exact same character. I understand the logic that it could possibly help to move little known characters like Vibe and Katana by packing them in with more popular heroes and playing on their in-story connections (Vibe’s abilities can disrupt the Speed Force and Katana has been chosen to join the JLofA to counteract Wonder Woman)  but the target audience is pretty much going to be buying the very first (and probably only figures) of Vibe and Katana anyway. It seems more like them trying to artificially inflate the price by giving us something we already have. Yeah, Flash features a new head sculpt (or more accurately his original head sculpt) but is it enough to justify the $39.95 price point?


I’ve praised DC Collectibles in the past for their 7 pack releases and I will continue to do so with this one. Yeah there are 3 figures that most of us probably don’t need, but for the patient this is a chance to get 4 figures in one fell swoop and for a fraction of the cost. As long as you aren’t a super completist and need things like weapons and accessories you should be good.

So what do you all think of DC Collectibles’ latest offering? Who plans on picking up this 7 pack in addition to the single of Captain Cold? Let us know in the comments below.


San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Flash-related Exclusives Update!

Back in April Speed Force posted news about the SDCC 2010 Exclusive Starro the Conqueror action figure with the original Justice League of America. In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of DC Comics the packaging is based on the milestone Silver Age cover, Brave and the Bold #28, featuring the first appearance of the Justice League. Along with an 8″ bendy Starro we get 3 ¾ classic versions of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (with a brand new construct add-on), Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and of course The Flash, all with slightly improved articulation (well at least when compared with the older Infinite Heroes figures) .

A few days ago Mattel released a video showcasing all the features and packaging of the Exclusive Starro Set including flashing lights and Kevin Conroy of various animated Batman projects lending his voice to give us individual bios of each member of the Justice League and a synopsis of Brave and the Bold #28. All of which sounds pretty nifty. I mentioned before that this may be one of the few things that I keep mint on card and this video has pretty much sealed the deal.

Mattycollector Shows off the SDCC 2010 Exclusive Starro Set

It’s obvious from the final product that Mattel’s designers put a lot of thought into this. We even get a commemorative shipping box, which I will also be hanging onto. I know a lot of people aren’t really fans of the Infinite Hero toy line, so I’m wondering if this will impact them purchasing it. Even if I weren’t already a fan of the little guys, the packaging and the fact that the Flash is included almost automatically guarantees my purchase. Mattel thrives off of people like me. Well sort of. Apparently the SDCC Exclusive Spores are for use for the full size DCUC figures instead of the included Infinite Heroes. Probably really cool for some people, not so much for me. Although if they used Papa Zero‘s idea and made a Starro sleep mask I would be all over it.

Here are a few “captures” for those who don’t have time to check out the vid…

And a picture of the Starro Spores if you haven’t seen them yet. These are only compatible with the DC Universe Classics 6″ figures.

Starro and his Justice League combatants will be available to purchase at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 this weekend (July 22-25) with the exclusive Starro Spores included. They will be available to those not attending SDCC 2010 (and those not willing to pay scalper prices on eBay) on Mattycollector.com August 2nd minus the Starro Spores.

Also for those actually attending SDCC, Mattycollector for the first time is taking presale vouchers for their exclusives. Basically you can order the item ahead of time and go to a special room during SDCC with the proper credentials and simply pick up your item free of headaches and worries. Mattel says there will be plenty of items available and I really hope they mean it. I don’t think anyone wants a repeat of the Gleek Incident from last year. I personally don’t really care for the idea of event only exclusives but it seems to be popular.

What do you think about event only exclusives? And will you pick up Starro and the JLA? Let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,

Devin “The Flash” Johnson