Flash Collections for 2014: Gorilla Warfare and Reverse

Flash #23DC Comics has released their June-August 2014 book list, with two Flash collections hitting stores in August 2014.

The Flash Vol. 3: Gorilla Warfare TP
Collects The Flash #13-19
176 pg, $16.99 US

The Flash Vol. 4: Reverse HC
Collects The Flash #20-24, The Flash #23.1: Grodd and The Flash #23.2: Reverse Flash
176 pg, $24.99 US

I guess that eliminates the speculation about moving the Grodd special from vol.4 to vol.3, which leaves open the question of just what DC is doing with the Gorilla Warfare hardcover (currently scheduled for December 2013).

It’s got to be tough to be a wait-for-trade Flash reader these days. With hardcovers shipping roughly a year after the final chapter of each story, and paperbacks hitting 8-9 months after that, you can easily end up two years behind. I still can’t believe the Move Forward paperback just shipped this month.


One thought on “Flash Collections for 2014: Gorilla Warfare and Reverse

  1. Kyer

    Yet another reason I’m not crying too many tears over cancelling my #2 preorder….the wait is overly long and the stories are only 4-5 issues worth per trade with some ‘special’ I don’t particularly want tacked on. When I liked the material so much I *had* to have them, waiting for the trade was no big deal and I felt I was getting my money’s worth. That no longer applies for me, but even if it were so…I dislike the ‘floppie’ experience and ‘digital’ while nice for travel and storage does present ownership problems that turn me off.


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