Flash Collections Update: Gorilla Warfare & Reverse

Flash #13: Gorilla WarfareTwo updates on upcoming Flash collections.

First up, Collected Editions has located a ton of upcoming DC Comics collections for 2013/2014, including Flash Vol. 4: Reverse, featuring issues #20-24 and the Villains Month Gorilla Grodd and Reverse Flash issues. Reverse Flash makes sense, but Grodd is an odd choice except in the need-to-put-it-somewhere sense. The link to the Reverse entry is down, though, which may be related to this next piece of information.

ComicList’s latest DC Comics Extended Forecast notes that orders for December’s hardcover of Flash vol.3: Gorilla Warfare have been canceled and the book will be resolicited later. As Collected Editions points out, this could indicate a content change. It was originally solicited featurng Flash #13-19, which collects the 5-part “Gorilla Warfare” in #13-17 and a two-part Trickster story in #18-19 with teases for the Reverse Flash.

Pure speculation here, but maybe DC is re-arranging these as follows:

  • Flash Vol.3: Gorilla Warfare – Flash #13-17 and Villains Month Grodd.
  • Flash Vol.4: Reverse – Flash #18-24 and Villains Month Reverse Flash.

It would make more sense than the current breakdown, and put six issues in one book and eight in the next. The only drawback I see is that the Reverse collection would open with the Trickster two-parter instead of jumping straight into the main story that lends its title to the volume.


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