Flash Artist Greg LaRocque Announces ‘Heroes of CircleHaven’ Kickstarter

Former Flash artist Greg LaRocque has announced a new Kickstarter project, The Heroes of CircleHaven.  Seeking backing and collaboration on a new graphic novel, LaRocque says he will draw on his experiences as an artist and engage the concepts of mythology and fan input in a new way.  We spoke with LaRocque via email, where he elaborated and revealed potential speedster ties, including a dimension seen in his 2011 issue of DC Retroactive: The Flash.


Check out LaRocque’s intro to the project, then follow the jump for our exclusive comments from the man himself!

The working title for my KickStarter project, has been CircleHaven 33.3 As I think back to the start of my career in comics & why I’m doing a KickStarter, I realize it’s been just about 33.3 years since I received my 1st assignment from DC Comics. Since that day I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to work on & contribute to some books & characters you might recognize. Illustrating & telling stories of iconic characters that are so deeply embedded in the American culture and known worldwide is a dream come true to the kid who began collecting comics with Fantastic Four #1. Has the entire story been told?  Maybe not.

On the influence his work on a super-speedster will have on CircleHaven:

Well, the secret of CircleHaven must remain in the book for readers to enjoy & eventually solve. But I can tell you, I have a guy in my story who runs as fast as any, his rather rotund friend just eats away the scenery & a villain, seen in the “Set Me Free” T-shirt art is the worlds greatest escape artist. Sound familiar, well, they should.

I understand © law & of course I’ll keep this project on safe ground with no legal issues, but I think hard core fans, with knowledge of the history I bring to comics are gonna be surprised at who they find in my story. I am not including any © character in my book I will not have permission to use.
I will have ever, through the magic of CH, feature a speedster & escape artist who play major roles in the book.
I’ll finally be able to display speed the way I wanted to, look for the final showdown when my speedster takes on a God, who Yes, HAS A HAMMER!
You’ll only see how this works if the project gets funded. I look forward to the day when I can mail Paul Levitz & Brian Augustyn copies of the work for their response. It’s all good comic fun. I will step on no toes or feelings as I do this. It is a new concept.
The fight done my way will be the kick ass speedster DC doesn’t wanna do, making him too powerful.  Fans may wanna check out the end of the retro story, it will tie in directly to CH.
For more information on CircleHaven, “where all mythology intersects,” check out Greg’s Kickstarter page and consider backing this legendary Flash artist!  He has also recently joined Twitter, follow him @GregLaRocque1!
UPDATE:  LaRocque announced the cancellation of the KickStarter today on his Facebook page.  Check that space and his Twitter to keep up with what he is doing next! Sounds like he has some interesting things lined up.


One thought on “Flash Artist Greg LaRocque Announces ‘Heroes of CircleHaven’ Kickstarter

  1. Kelson

    This sounds interesting even without the Flash connection, and that makes it even more appealing. I’d like to see this happen, and I’m backing it.


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