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Flash Cast Teams Up to Crowdfund Short Film “The Letter Carrier”

Jesse L. Martin (Det. Joe West) has had a story kicking around in his head for years — one that he’s teaming up with other members of the Flash cast to turn into a short film set in the 1860s.


A mother hides her family from slavery in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The children have grown up with a tale of a man known as The Letter Carrier. As the legend goes, he roams the mountains looking for children to sell as slaves. Painted against this historical backdrop, it is a raw, mysterious, and interpretive fable. Told through a cappella song, using original folk music, spirituals and a score using only natural sounds.

Martin has a theater background (he was the original Collins in Rent), and is writing the screenplay and original songs, with Carlos Valdes (Cisco Ramon) arranging and composing. Martin and Rick Cosnett (Det. Eddie Thawne) will direct, with the two of them and Patrick Sabongui (Director Singh) producing.

They’re crowdfunding the project, aiming to go into production when The Flash wraps season one. You can help get the film made starting at $15 Canadian, with rewards such as a spoken ringtone by Rick Cosnett, signed headshots of Cosnett or Martin, signed concept art and scripts, and so on. At higher pledge levels, you can get Martin or Cosnett to call you and sing Happy Birthday!

Check out the Kickstarter page for The Letter Carrier!

Flash Writers on Kickstarter: “Sons of the Devil” and “The Leg”

Brian Buccellato and Van Jensen both have projects on Kickstarter right now that you should check out.

The Leg

Van Jensen’s The Leg is an original graphic novel with art by Jose Pimienta, about the disembodied, sentient leg of Santa Anna. The book is finished, and the goal of the campaign is to raise money to print and distribute it to backers. Think of it as a pre-order with optional benefits.

Once upon a time in Mexico—more specifically, in the 1880s during the Pastry War—President Santa Anna lost his left leg when it was struck by French cannon fire. Santa Anna gave his missing limb a full military funeral (true story!). But when the Mexican people rebelled against Santa Anna (because he did insanely vain things like giving his limb a military funeral) and threw him out of office, protesters exhumed his leg, dragged it through the streets and cast it aside (also a true story!). It hasn’t been seen again…until now!

Our story is set in 1938, when the Leg has reappeared, clad in a tall leather boot. When the Leg learns of a new threat against Mexico, it embarks on an epic journey across the country, battling with villains both modern and magical in its quest to save the country and redeem Santa Anna’s tarnished legacy.

Will the Leg succeed in its quest? The answer lies inside THE LEG: The Remarkable Reappearance of Santa Anna’s Disembodied Limb.

Sons of the Devil

Brian Buccellato’s Sons of the Devil is a short film and ongoing comic book series. The crowdfunding campaign is to get the film produced and get the comic book started.

SONS OF THE DEVIL is a character driven psychological thriller that is told in multiple timelines across 25 years.

In 1989, the FBI raid the remote compound of deranged Cult leader DAVID DALY– only to find him comatose among the 93 murdered followers he sacrificed in a devil’s bargain. The only survivors are six infants rescued the night before the bloody massacre.

Twenty-five years later we meet one of those infants…

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool has an interview.

Flash Artist Greg LaRocque Announces ‘Heroes of CircleHaven’ Kickstarter

Former Flash artist Greg LaRocque has announced a new Kickstarter project, The Heroes of CircleHaven.  Seeking backing and collaboration on a new graphic novel, LaRocque says he will draw on his experiences as an artist and engage the concepts of mythology and fan input in a new way.  We spoke with LaRocque via email, where he elaborated and revealed potential speedster ties, including a dimension seen in his 2011 issue of DC Retroactive: The Flash.


Check out LaRocque’s intro to the project, then follow the jump for our exclusive comments from the man himself!

The working title for my KickStarter project, has been CircleHaven 33.3 As I think back to the start of my career in comics & why I’m doing a KickStarter, I realize it’s been just about 33.3 years since I received my 1st assignment from DC Comics. Since that day I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to work on & contribute to some books & characters you might recognize. Illustrating & telling stories of iconic characters that are so deeply embedded in the American culture and known worldwide is a dream come true to the kid who began collecting comics with Fantastic Four #1. Has the entire story been told?  Maybe not.

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Gerry Conway Long Video Interview on DVD (Kickstarter)

Bronze age comics legend Gerry Conway recently sat down for an extensive career retrospective interview. Conway is known for co-creating the Punisher, Firestorm and Power Girl (amongst others), writing the death of Gwen Stacy and many, many more comics before moving into screenwriting in the 1980s.

Topics covered in the 3 1/2 hours include:

  • How he got started writing comics
  • Killing Gwen Stacy and Green Goblin
  • Creating the Punisher
  • Becoming editor in chief of Marvel comics
  • DC/Marvel crossovers
  • Creating new characters
  • Justice League Detroit
  • Some incredible Stan Lee stories
  • And much more

Interviewer Roger Priebe is running a Kickstarter campaign to edit and print DVDs. You can pre-order a copy of the DVD for $20 or a signed copy for $30, or you can contribute anywhere from $1 on up to fund the project.

With 12 days to go until February 4, the campaign is currently at $1,300 of its $2,000 goal.

Flash #293 - Firestorm and Atomic Skull

90s Flash(back): Dick Miller Documentary. Yeah, That Guy.

Jason writes in with word of a documentary about character actor Dick Miller. Who’s Dick Miller, you ask? This guy:

That Guy Dick Miller

Or rather, “That guy” as in the title of the film, or “Hey, it’s that guy!” which was probably your reaction on seeing that photo. Miller has an impressive 175 acting credits on IMDB in a career spanning 1955-2009. You may recognize him from such movies as Terminator and Gremlins, or TV series like Fame and The Flash.

What’s that? The Flash, you say?

Miller had a recurring role on the 1990 Flash TV series as Fosnight, a small-time con man who acted as an informant for Barry Allen. And his signed copy of the shooting script for “Deadly Nightshade” is one of the incentive rewards for backers on the Kickstarter funding project.

Funding is at $18K of $40K, with 12 days to go.