Why I Like the Flash Contest Entries, Part Two

A few days ago we posted the winning entries in our “Why I Like the Flash” contest, but would be remiss if we didn’t showcase the others as well, because they’re all quite good. Without further ado, here’s part two (of three) of the contest entries we received.

From liquidcross:

I was aware of the Flash ever since I started reading comics in the mid-1980s, but he didn’t grab my interest the way Green Lantern, Iron Man, and other characters did. To be completely honest, I always found Barry Allen rather boring.

It took his successor Wally West to draw me into the Flash fold. Even then, I didn’t really get into the character until he teamed up with Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, much to Wally’s chagrin at first. Grant Morrison’s writing of the two heroes’ mutual dislike of each other in the pages of JLA, which naturally grew into respect and eventual friendship, really humanized Wally and brought him down to Earth just as much as the Flash writers did in his own book. Score one for consistency! Watching Wally grow as a hero alongside Kyle made my appreciate both characters even more, and it wasn’t long before I started reading great Flash storyarcs like “Chain Lightning” and the Black Flash saga.

The Wally years’ focus on science, both real and imagined, really stood out to me. By really delving into what made the Flash’s powers tick, we got some great science fiction tales, not just the usual superheroics. The very concept of the Speed Force was fascinating, and ripe for continual exploration.

I properly became a hardcore fan years later. Retcons aside, I absolutely adored Geoff Johns’ work on Wally West and the Flash mythos the first time around. He just seemed to “get” Wally’s personality and struggles more than anyone else, and his treatment of the Rogues was even better. I never cared for those classic villains, but when Johns was done with them, I liked them nearly as much as the scarlet speedster himself. Cripes, his revamp of the Top alone made for some truly exciting reading. Not only that, the new group of Rogues that Johns created were just as intriguing as the originals! To this day, the Hunter Zolomon incarnation of the Reverse Flash remains my favorite Flash villain, and one of my favorite comic book villains of all time.

Like any Flash fan, I’m disgusted that Wally and his legacy has been erased and forgotten by the powers-that-be. That won’t stop me from reading my classic stories, though. Long live Wally West, whatever parallel Earth he may reside on.


From Steven Ogden:

The reason I like The Flash is because he makes super speed the greatest superpower to have. Most people think that super speed is only running around really fast and not much else, but The Flash uses his speed in a variety of different ways. He can vibrate his molecules through solid objects, he can think at super speed, he can steal speed from objects or people, etc. I also like the concept of the Speed Force, I feel it is the best way to explain how The Flash got his powers. The Flash has completely changed the view of super speed from a minor, unimpressive ability to the most awesomely awesome superpower in the history of superpowers. (That’s right I went there!).

Another reason I like the Flash is because each Flash has been a very deep and interesting character. Jay, Barry, Wally, and Bart have all been the most human characters I’ve seen in comics. They aren’t cocky, overpowered, or cheesy; they’re humble, compassionate, and they use their brains, as well as their powers, to fight crime. They’re exactly the kind of heroes everyone should strive to be like. Jay is an accomplished veteran who still helps people and stays true to his wife, Barry still finds time to smile and make witty jokes despite all he has been through in his life, Wally is able to live up to the Flash legacy and still be his own man, and Bart is able to find his way in the world despite coming from a completely different world. I guess I see myself in all of them. Basically, I like how easily it is to connect with the characters.

Also The Flash titles have always had the best writers, artists, and storylines in my opinion. Even in the New 52 the Flashes are all doing well. Personally I like the New 52, but I still love the classics. I just wish they would bring back Wally West. Unless this is being read in the future and Wally has already been brought back. In which case, HOORAY! Hope you had as much fun reading this as much as I did writing it.


From Scott:

Scott Farris Flash2 When it comes to super heroes all fall short to me except the Flash. I love all the Flashes and all incarnations of the hero. I love Barry especially in particular. Unlike Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent, Barry Allen devotes his entire life to fighting crime and fighting for justice, when he is not protecting the city as the Flash he is in the crime lab solving murders. Barry is the ultimate symbol for truth and justice. I also love how underestimated the Flash is. No one really knows how powerful the Flash is between the infinite mass punch or even the speed steal/lend technique. I also love the legacy of the Flash. Unlike other heroes the Flash has passed down the cowl to members of his own family. The relationship between all the Flashes have made it a very special experience to read. There are thousands of reasons why I love the Flash but these are my main reasons. I’m happy that my favorite blog of my favorite hero is celebrating its fifth year! Hopefully it will continue its legacy for many more years. Enjoy these pictures I have drawn for the occasion.

Scott Farris Captain Cold2


From Misael Duran:

There should never be reason for anyone to dislike Flash, any one of them. They all are likable in there own way, and don’t deserve slack from anyone. Even if the powers may not be the most desirable to most, it’s the characters that make up the Flash. There is always something to admire in each one of the Flash’s that makes them so wonderful. Jay Garrick is great because of his old style ways, or his current younger appeal. Bart Allen will always be remember as being the Flash the shortest, but will always be remembered as the impulsive (heh) and bravest. Barry Allen, the current and most known Flash, is great he is literally the good guy everyone wants to be. I bet you even Superman admires Barry niceness, and his willingness to always do the right thing. Barry is my first comic Flash, and probably tied for my favorite of the four prime Flashes, but my first Flash in general was Wally West from the JL animated series. Wally was one of the few sidekicks that took over his mentor’s role after they passed away, and he is arguably the most prominent and popular of those sidekicks. While Barry’s legacy usually loomed over Wally over his twenty-five years as the Flash, but that didn’t stop him to create his own legacy. All four Flashes are great, and they will always be great in when ever identity they have. While Bart has reverted back to his Kid Flash identity, he is still is Bart. Jay may younger, but he is still Jay. Barry will always be Barry, and while Barry is currently holding up the Flash position for Wally, I have not enjoyed his current stories any less because of his absence. It will just make happier when he does return, in whatever identity come back as in. Like mention before, no matter what form any of these Flashes takes part in, they will always be awesome. That is a Flash Fact.


From Beach:

The very first time I walked into my first comic book shop the summer of 2009. I was as a young adult decided to pursue an interest that was incubating for all of my teenage life. When I first walked in, I knew that I opened a doorway that would eventually lead to an incredible new dimension to add to my life. As I was browsing through various different comic books I did not know where to begin. I had ideas of which heroes I want to read about but I didn’t know where to start. I hunted down the hero that I was most interested in finding and found the first issue of Flash Rebirth. All the books in this store was already bagged and boarded, so I assumed it was to keep them nice and didn’t want me opening them up. Although I did not browse through this amazing looking book, I was very excited to take home my first comic book to read. Once I turned that last page it immediately hooked me on my new found joy. I went straight back and grabbed the next two issues and a Flash fan was born.

If I were to pick which Flash was my favorite, it would have to be Barry Allen simply because I’ve done my best to read everything since Flash Rebirth. I am currently trying to get a hold of all the second series Flash so I can get to know Wally West better because people have told me that they like him better. After I go back in time a little I’ll be able to judge for myself.

When I became interested in the Flash before I ever read anything, I really liked the idea of the Flash. When I was in elementary school I would always try to get the other kids to chase me because I was always the fastest kid on the playground which led to my interest in characters with super speed. What I didn’t know is how much more the Flash than just being able to run extremely fast. It blew my mind when I found out that he can vibrate through walls. In my eyes the stories are great and keep fascinated. What better villain to have as the Reverse-Flash. He has my favorite abilities of the Flash but the evil side. I love it every time he is a part of the story because, in my experience, it has always been an exciting part of the story.

I love having comic books as a part of my life and I am happy to have the Flash as my all time favorite hero.


These are all pretty amazing.  Stay tuned for part three of the contest entries!


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