The Rogues #1 – Preview Available

Villains Month: Flash #23.3 /  Rogues #1

DC Comics has released a preview of The Rogues #1 (a.k.a. Flash #23.3), the last of three Flash-related issues of Villains Month.

THE FLASH #23.3: THE ROGUES opens with Mirror Master behind glass, Glider in a coma and the Trickster behind bars in Iron Heights. Captain Cold tries to rally the team, but the Rogues haven’t forgiven him yet for the positions they’re in. And when the Crime Syndicate invites them to join their side and unite with the villains of the DC Universe, one of the team won’t be able to answer the call. Will the rest choose a criminal life or stick to the Rogues Code? Written by Brian Buccellato and featuring art by Patrick Zircher, THE FLASH #23.3: THE ROGUES directly paves the path for the upcoming miniseries FOREVER EVIL: ROGUES REBELLION, and will be available in stores on Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “The Rogues #1 – Preview Available

  1. Kyer

    Sorry, realize there is ‘bad’ and ‘worse’ (and the Crime Syndicate truly is the worse in this) but I find it hard to root for characters whose goal in life is to be parasitic on others.
    When do the altruistic, do-gooder, boy scouts (or as close as they can get to that anymore in this DC52) return?
    To quote the old song: I need a hero! (Even if only in Previews.)

  2. MisterNefarious

    This issue seems pretty cool.
    Maybe this is a nitpick about Mirror Master and his powers (hope he breaks out of the mirror realm soon)… But why do they carry around an ACTUAL mirror with him in it?

    I just remember when Cold would make reflective ice walls and Mirror Master could use those, which I thought did wonders for the team dynamics of the rogues. I thought that was really cool, and carrying around a giant mirror is a little silly.

    Also hoping Heat Wave gets a better costume at some point. I like SOME of the design beats, and like that he has powers… But if you didn’t tell somebody it was Heat Wave they wouldn’t know and that’s no good

      1. MisterNefarious

        Haha, they thought Heat Wave was Reverse Flash?
        That’s funny.
        They can keep the giant silly vent if they want, justt cover more of his skin and put the color scheme the way it’s supposed to be.

        I feel like the other rogues all got awesome redesigns and he sort of got the shaft.
        Even Trickster has an awesome new robo-arm (That we haven’t got to see him use yet :/)


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