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The Rogues #1 – Preview Available

Villains Month: Flash #23.3 /  Rogues #1

DC Comics has released a preview of The Rogues #1 (a.k.a. Flash #23.3), the last of three Flash-related issues of Villains Month.

THE FLASH #23.3: THE ROGUES opens with Mirror Master behind glass, Glider in a coma and the Trickster behind bars in Iron Heights. Captain Cold tries to rally the team, but the Rogues haven’t forgiven him yet for the positions they’re in. And when the Crime Syndicate invites them to join their side and unite with the villains of the DC Universe, one of the team won’t be able to answer the call. Will the rest choose a criminal life or stick to the Rogues Code? Written by Brian Buccellato and featuring art by Patrick Zircher, THE FLASH #23.3: THE ROGUES directly paves the path for the upcoming miniseries FOREVER EVIL: ROGUES REBELLION, and will be available in stores on Wednesday.

The Origin of the Reverse Flash! (Review of Flash 23.2 aka Reverse Flash #1)

Villains Month Reverse Flash finalThroughout their run on The Flash, Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato have hidden little gems along the way…little hints of things to come.  The payoffs have been excellent throughout – and this issue of The Flash…uh, Reverse Flash is a great example.  There are payoffs in this issue for things that have been simmering since the beginning of the series.  After reading this, all I could do was simply say, “Wow!”  So, let’s take a look at the origin of the New 52 Reverse Flash!


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Welcome to Centr…GORILLA City! (Review of Flash 23.1 aka Grodd #1)

Villains Month Grodd CoverAs Villains Month begins, we see a newly returned Gorilla Grodd…and he is not only out of the Speed Force, but he’s learned a thing or two during his stay.  Grodd is more dangerous than ever – and with no Flash to stop him what is he capable of doing?  Central City is about to find out in The Flash #23.1 (aka Grodd #1).


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Flash Collections Update: Gorilla Warfare & Reverse

Flash #13: Gorilla WarfareTwo updates on upcoming Flash collections.

First up, Collected Editions has located a ton of upcoming DC Comics collections for 2013/2014, including Flash Vol. 4: Reverse, featuring issues #20-24 and the Villains Month Gorilla Grodd and Reverse Flash issues. Reverse Flash makes sense, but Grodd is an odd choice except in the need-to-put-it-somewhere sense. The link to the Reverse entry is down, though, which may be related to this next piece of information.

ComicList’s latest DC Comics Extended Forecast notes that orders for December’s hardcover of Flash vol.3: Gorilla Warfare have been canceled and the book will be resolicited later. As Collected Editions points out, this could indicate a content change. It was originally solicited featurng Flash #13-19, which collects the 5-part “Gorilla Warfare” in #13-17 and a two-part Trickster story in #18-19 with teases for the Reverse Flash.

Pure speculation here, but maybe DC is re-arranging these as follows:

  • Flash Vol.3: Gorilla Warfare – Flash #13-17 and Villains Month Grodd.
  • Flash Vol.4: Reverse – Flash #18-24 and Villains Month Reverse Flash.

It would make more sense than the current breakdown, and put six issues in one book and eight in the next. The only drawback I see is that the Reverse collection would open with the Trickster two-parter instead of jumping straight into the main story that lends its title to the volume.

How Will the Flash’s Villains Month Comics Be Collected?

Flash comics for Villains Month

From Collected Editions we get the news that not all of DC Comics’ Villains Month issues will be collected in trades, “only the ones that fully tie into an ongoing series.” (Dan Didio)

This has me wondering about the three Flash villain issues.

Reverse Flash appears to be essentially part 5 of the 6-part Reverse Flash story currently running through The Flash, so it’s safe to say it’ll be included in The Flash Vol.4: Reverse.

The Rogues is billed as having a Forever Evil connection and is by the same creative team as Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion, so it seems likely to appear as a prologue in the collected edition of that series.

Grodd, however? It’s hard to say. Based on the way DC put the Captain Cold two-parter in with Mob Rule for the Move Forward collection, and tossed in the Trickster two-parter with Gorilla Warfare, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the pages of Reverse.

Incidentally, when I asked Brian Buccellato about it, he sidestepped the question (it may not be decided yet anyway), but he and Retcon Punch got into a gorilla pun war that can’t be missed.