Awesome Flash Cosplay Photoshoot from NYCC

Wally West vs Jane Garrick (NYCC 2013)

Check out this awesome photoshoot of two Flash cosplayers at New York Comic Con! Jane Garrick is Ino-Elric, Wally West is Dymatex Zofur, and the photos were taken by Knightmare 6. There are 18 photos in the full set, some serious, some silly.

Wally West Wally West vs Jane Garrick Jane Garrick and Wally West

Both cosplayers made an impression as I was looking through Instagram and Flickr photos tagged for NYCC, and the fact that they actually met up for a shoot together is fantastic.

Photos used by permission.


3 thoughts on “Awesome Flash Cosplay Photoshoot from NYCC

  1. Kyer

    Hah! (Okay, part of me shudders to think of Jay in a genderbender, those shots are cute. The little bit of added special effects make it all the more sweet.
    …Those *are* special affects, ain’t they? 😛

  2. Ino-Elric

    Hi!! I was that Jane Garrick cosplayer. I’m so honored and happy that many people loved it. Funny enough, the Wally West cosplayer is a dear friend of mine and we just found it funny we did a Flash person at the same time, since I didn’t really plan for Jane to happen yet. Thank you for posting this!


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