Arrow episode “The Scientist” brief review


I should start by mentioning that I’ve never seen an episode of Arrow before, and thus many of the established characters and ongoing storylines were a bit of a mystery to me. That said, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out what was happening. Spoilers after the cut.

I thought Barry was handled well, even if I’m slightly exasperated to see the dead mother plot happening again (it’s a pet peeve). Poor Henry Allen always gets the short end of the stick in every type of continuity! It was definitely a surprise to hear about the obvious implication of Professor Zoom, something I figured would either not happen in the show(s), or at least not be revealed until after Barry gets his own super-speed. However, it does provide an excellent reason for Barry’s interest in metahuman cases, and explains why he’d risk his job to come to Starling City. And for all we know, the intervention of another speedster may be why Barry gets his powers.



I enjoyed the little nods to comics continuity in the episode, such as Barry handling the lab chemicals during a thunderstorm, and always being late. He does seem a bit unbelievably young to me, though, and at least the characters acknowledged it by asking about his parents. But I guess his age is appropriate if he’s to be a love interest for Felicity. Overall I enjoyed the episode, even if it was paced a bit slowly (deliberate irony?), and am looking forward to the second part. And my fingers are crossed for the Flash pilot; Grant Gustin definitely handles Barry well, and the role appears to be in good hands.



16 thoughts on “Arrow episode “The Scientist” brief review

  1. Kyer

    Missed the original airing (hey, I found a Lego Marvel cut-scene movie….Lego humor will win out over most things with me), but I skimmed through the episode via their website looking for the Allen scenes since I could care less about this show’s fake Oliver Queen.
    Yeah, same complaints I had before watching: dead mom (Gee wiz, Johns, get over the tragedy-in-order-to-be-heroic plots?), brunette, too young. Pro: good acting, nice ‘late’ touches, a lot of science geek info that was perfect for Barry.

    Have him gain about three years plus dye the hair and I would have given it five stars.
    4.5 stars?

  2. veronicadiall

    Arrow is a great show. I expect a young Barry to be nerdy. But I don’t expect him to be that wimpy and childish. The Beaver Cleaver act isn’t doing it for me. He just doesn’t strike me as a hero. They should have cast someone who looks as if they can develop into the role from a callow youth to a solid mature man.
    I will probably check out the pilot. But Gustin isn’t the kind of person I would want to watch week in-week out.

    1. MisterNefarious

      I liked his performance: but after he gains power I would expect him to man up a bit. If he can portray that, I’ll be happy.

      I thought he did the nerdy Peter Parker sort of thing REALLY well, so let’s see if he can handle the other angle as well

  3. Nick!

    The “tragic origin” is fine. If anything, it doesn’t really tie to him becoming the Flash. While it nudged him to become a cop, It is just something that has happened to him in the past (at least in the New 52). Barry is still a good guy who becomes a hero because it is the right thing to do; not because he’s hung up on avenging his mother’s death. Also, lets not forget folks, the “tragic origin” was really first introduced in the 1990’s Flash show. So, don’t go pinning this all on Johns.

  4. Javi Trujillo

    While I felt too that he resembles Andrew Garfield, let’s not forget that Barry was nerding it up years before Peter Parker existed.

    1. veronicadiall

      ‘While I felt too that he resembles Andrew Garfield, let’s not forget that Barry was nerding it up years before Peter Parker existed.’

      -I’ve read the original treatment from Showcase #4, and nowhere is pre-Flash Barry as nerdy or as dweeby as Grant Gustin is in this show. Mild mannered and bookish? yes? Nerdy? No. There’s even a Flash back in the current Nu52, where Barry as a young child asks his mother if the tie he is wearing makes him look like a nerd.


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