Flash #27 Preview and Scribblenauts Variant Cover

Nerdist has a preview of The Flash #27, the first of a three-part story by writer Brian Buccellato and artist Patrick Zircher. Pasqual Ferry provides the cover for the issue, due in stores next week.

Flash #27 Cover

The summary has the Flash facing “a mystical serial killer who might be responsible for his mother’s murder,” but the preview focuses on a jewelry heist by Chroma (an updated Rainbow Raider) and Tar Pit.

(For those wondering about the presence of one of the villains, remember that everything up through #29 takes place before Forever Evil.)

Also included in the preview is the Scribblenauts variant cover, a riff on the classic Showcase #4 — the first appearance of Barry Allen.

Flash #27 Scribblenauts Variant Cover


3 thoughts on “Flash #27 Preview and Scribblenauts Variant Cover

  1. MisterNefarious

    I’m really mad about what happened to said villain in Forever Evil.
    Really disappointing to me. Hopefully this sets up something that makes his eventual return (because this is comics) something that makes some sense.

    1. Mack Nathan, Flash Neighbor!

      Me too. It was the perfect chance for the character to get a cool update and they didn’t even utilize it.
      And it’s weird to see Tar Pit portrayed in an incompetent light.

      Also, are we ever going to see the scrapped Gem Cities arc? Now would be the perfect opportunity to do such.

      1. Kelson Post author

        I seem to recall Brian Buccellato saying that we’d learn more about the history of the Gem Cities in this arc (as we got a hint about the nickname in the Rogues one-shot), but that it won’t be the specific story from #6.


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