Flash TV/Movie Rumor Update: Script Review, Audition Tape

Superhero Movie News has what purports to be a detailed-spoiler-filled review of the leaked Flash movie script by Michael Green & Marc Guggenheim, based on a story by Guggenheim, Green and Greg Berlanti. It’s interesting, particularly where reviewer Michael J. Petty compares it to the Green Lantern movie script by the same team…and to elements that have already worked their way into Arrow.

Speaking of the Arrowverse, a video surfaced briefly, claiming to be an audition tape for the role of Iris West in the Flash TV show pilot before it was taken down.

MTV analyses the video and the script review in extensive detail. (TBH, I’ve only skimmed it myself so far.) You’ll want to read the whole article at MTV, but beware…there are SPOILERS galore (for a movie that may or may not ever be made in that form).

Two things to consider:

  • Movie scripts go through many revisions before being produced, and the Flash film has been scrapped and restarted a number of times since it was announced nine years ago.
  • Auditions sometimes use early drafts and sometimes use scripts that are specific to the audition, and not intended to be filmed for the final product.


6 thoughts on “Flash TV/Movie Rumor Update: Script Review, Audition Tape

  1. James


    This take on Thawne — if they go with it — would be fascinating. It’d be a great way to stick to the core elements of Professor Zoom’s character while doing something new.

  2. Veronicadiall

    I just got two of the Flash tpb penned by Guggenheim with Bart as the Flash and I really have to say that I enjoyed it alot. The right blend of action and drama. And what more Guggenheim doesn’t rely on using the rogues. I hope that should the movie go into production they heavily use Guggenheim’s original script. However I must say that I am less than impressed with the Flash tv script. The dialogue is just bad and hokey.

  3. MisterNefarious

    Anybody know where I can find and read the movie script in its entirety? Bummed to hear about the butchering of cold but the rest… I’m curious about!

    They cannot ruin cold like that in the show. It would be very bad news… Like arrows version of count vertigo

  4. ValorStorm

    Classic comic geeks can no longer drive TV & movie hero characters. Today if a screen hero (or villain) wears a costume there must be a practical justification for it; that justification NEVER being gimmickry. In this day & age heroes & villains MUST be believable. That goes for their weapons as well. “Cold”? Probably not ruined.


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