Flash #31 in May: The Future Invades the Present

DC Comics’ list of comics for May has been released, including…

Art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND
1:25 BATMAN ’66 variant cover by MICHAEL ALLRED
On sale MAY 28 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

Continued from THE FLASH ANNUAL #3! Guest starring Future Flash, Future Mirror Master and…Wally West! The future is invading Central City and the fates of Wally West and his Aunt Iris hang in the balance!

Flash #31

Three items of note:

  1. They list the future Flash separately from Wally West (though it could as easily be future Wally and present Wally as it could be future Barry and present Barry), recalling Brett Booth’s cryptic remarks about the annual. (But honestly, who would expect a straight answer from DC after all this time?)
  2. They confirm that Wally is Iris’ nephew in this continuity.
  3. Future Mirror Master.


15 thoughts on “Flash #31 in May: The Future Invades the Present

  1. Kyer

    Wally, you are my favorite superhero. Because of that, I’m waiting this out ((and, man, does that icky cover page help.)) If reviews show it’s a nu-Wally I’ll accept and I have to wait for the trade…so be it. DC hemmed and hawed all during 2010 and finally handed me back my tattered loyalty with a sneer on it’s ‘face’ during 2011. I’m not giving it back to them that easily as to rush and and get something sight unseen. *Patiently* awaiting May and maybe well beyond May.

    Remember when Barry fans thought they were getting Barry back during The Return of Barry Allen? That was a great Wally story….but a lousy Barry one.

    Just like watching people buy an experimental new machine with no reviews as yet…. Color me cautious.

  2. Penny Dreadful

    Future Mirror Master, huh? Could it be…McCulloch? That would be cool, as he’s the more interesting Mirror Master anyway.

    And where is Piper?

    1. Kyer

      Still? I’d have thought he’d have reappeared by now. Wasn’t he in the first year of the book? Or was that Earth2?

      1. Kelson Post author

        Yeah, that was in this book. Then they sort of forgot about him for the next year. Piper appeared briefly in the latest issue of Rogues’ Rebellion, but it was barely even a cameo.

        1. Penny Dreadful

          Manapul and Booch said he’d become a part of the supporting cast, but it was not to be. Maybe editorial put the kibosh on it, as they did so many other things. Who knows?

          1. Nick!

            In fairness, M&B were juggling a lot of characters during their run. While they likely wanted to use Piper more, it would seem tough to add him naturally given the stories they told.

            1. Kyer

              Could the new creators be thinking of doing a Flashpoint Citizen Cold scenario in as such that the nu-Wally will be working with/for Piper? (Possibly as a sort of Artful Dodger too. Ergh if so.)

            2. Kelson Post author

              That’s true — now that you mention it, I remember talking to Brian Buccellato at a signing and he mentioned that they wanted to keep some threads going (the Iris lost in the speed force thread was what we were talking about), but they just didn’t have the space.

              1. Penny Dreadful

                It would’ve definitely been tough given the Villains Month promo, the Year Zero issue, and other stuff that DC’s higher ups planned. You keep hearing stories of editorial micro-managing the book, and I’m sure they leaned on creative teams to drop storylines and characters.

  3. Steve

    Wally West is Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces. So long as DC values that aspect of his character more than whatever storytelling devices are needed to shoehorn him into Barry Allen’s story, he’ll be OK. He will survive having a new face. He will survive having a bad story or two. The archetype that he is derived from has survived for thousands of years. Wally is an iconic character with roots that are far older than the Silver Age.


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