Candice Patton cast as IRIS WEST in Flash TV Pilot

Candice PattonDeadline reports that Candice Patton has been cast in the key role of Iris West in the Flash TV show pilot. In the comics, reporter Iris West was Barry Allen’s girlfriend, then wife throughout the Silver Age of comics. She’ll begin the TV show as Barry’s “fast-talking, quick-witted best friend.”

Patton joins Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Jesse L. Martin as her father Detective West, Rick Cosnet as Detective Eddie Thawne (probably the Reverse Flash in disguise), and Danielle Panabaker as scientist Caitlin Snow (probably the future Killer Frost).


6 thoughts on “Candice Patton cast as IRIS WEST in Flash TV Pilot

  1. mign82

    I don’t know her as an actress, so I can’t comment on that. She’s not how I imagine Iris, but I guess she could make it work.

  2. Mack Nathan, Flash Neighbor!

    She’s good looking, but hopefully she can back it up with good acting. I’m still on the fence about the race change.


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