Final Fight! Review of ROGUES REBELLION #6 (of 6)

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #6 The last issue of FOREVER EVIL: ROGUES REBELLION gives you the very best of the Rogues, in an outstanding story that will definitely leave you wanting more!  Though I’m sad to see this excellent mini-series end, at least this tale ends on a spectacular high note with issue #6.  Let’s get to the review:


The Crime Syndicate may not be on the scene, but they have called in a high-powered group of bad guys from across the DCU, including Parasite and Grodd!  This battle is not just for the lives of the Rogues, but for the Gem Cities as well!  This calls in all players who are still around the city…including Pied Piper, as we learn more of his story in the New 52.  And, there are more surprises…but let’s not spoil them here.  Let’s just say that the battle is terrific, and the outcome and it’s aftermath give you a sense of the true core of the Rogues.

One of the most pleasant surprises in the FOREVER EVIL storyline has been the appearance of the Rogues as players in the greater DC Universe.  This series, which is sadly ending with issue #6, has given us the Rogues at their best.  Squabbling, dysfunctional, petty, sure…but also a group that lives by their own code, a collection of folks who pull together when the chips are down, and in the end a pretty heroic group of people.  They are presented with almost impossible odds, against a highly powered group of villains from across the DCU, and yet they don’t back down.  This is a group that may want to steal everything in the Gem Cities, but they won’t let anyone else come in and destroy the cities that they still call home.  I rarely get emotional reading a comic…but this was an exception.  There is a nobility in spite of the dysfunction that Brian Buccellato brings out in the script, something special that makes these Rogues unique among all the Rogues Galleries in comics.  As I’ve said many times before, my only complaint is that this isn’t an ongoing series.

Complimenting Buccellato’s great script was some outstanding artwork by Scott Hepburn with colors by Nick Filardi.  There are plenty of amazing scenes in this issue – and great opportunities for the various Rogues to shine.  Don’t miss this one…and I’ll still hold out hope to see something like this starring the Rogues again!e


4 thoughts on “Final Fight! Review of ROGUES REBELLION #6 (of 6)

  1. Scott Timms

    Great story and a lot of fun. I dont like misleading covers (Grodd Victorious?), but thats been comic books in general.


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