Speed Reading – TV Costume Reactions and More

The hot topic of the week was the Flash’s new TV costume (covered here).

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One thought on “Speed Reading – TV Costume Reactions and More

  1. Kyer

    “But making a 12-year-old runaway a father seems dark, even for modern comics.” Was that sarcasm or a joke? (Just look at Bart’s new background. Flashpoint. Injustice. DC is not a kid friendly place.)

    “Flipping out” I’m already flipping out about the possibility of Wally being aged back into public school or that he’s a practicing vandal. Either of which is enough for me to have lost 75% of my interest in ‘nu-Wally’ right there. (Notes: neither Dick nor Roy were drastically aged backwards.) Right now I’m possibly the most ardent Wally West fan who is ironically the least interested in the unveiling come April/May.

    Arrowified Flash suit: Wow. Converting the burgundy to blood red made a big improvement. If only the show’s producers will catch on. Plus, dump the dumb belt buckle.


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