ComiXology’s Multiversity Sale Includes Digital Flash of Two Worlds

ComiXology is running a Multiversity Sale, putting backissues from DC Comics dealing with multiple (or just alternate) realities on discount for 99c each. In addition to the entire run of 52, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis, there’s a selection of alternate reality comics — Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, which inspired DC to launch the Elseworlds label, Superman: Red Son, Kingdom Come — and a smattering of one-off stories like the first meeting between the Justice League and Justice Society, and two classic Silver Age Flash issues: Flash #123, featuring the first meeting of Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, and Flash #125, “Conquerors of Time,” in which Barry Allen and Wally West battle a threat to Earth’s past, present and future. It’s notable as the first appearance of the Cosmic Treadmill.

“Conquerors of Time” has been available digitally for several years, but “Flash of Two Worlds” has just been added to the catalog today.

Flash #123: Flash of Two Worlds


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