Flash: Seazon Zero #1 Hits Monday – Preview Up Now

Flash Season Zero Chapter 1 CoverDC has released a preview of Flash: Season Zero #1 through USA Today, along with an extensive article about the digital-first comic set in the TV series continuity.

The first arc features a group of circus performers turned supervillains by the particle accelerator incident (it sounds like a lot of villains get their powers this way). They’ll be taking advantage of the comic book format to do more elaborate visuals and “outlandish villains” that they’d never be able to get away with on a TV budget. There will also be hints about the TV show sprinkled throughout the series.

The circus troupe is apparently inspired by a group from Starman. “The few times especially on Arrow where we’ve tried to create our own villains, it hasn’t always worked out the best for us,” Kreisberg remarked, going on to say that even the smallest connection to an existing comic book character gives them something more solid to build from.

Flash: Season Zero will release a new digital chapter biweekly on Mondays, alternating with Arrow: Season 2.5. Print editions will follow the next month, with issue #1 hitting the shelves October 1, a week before the TV show debuts.

Story by Andrew Kreisberg, scripted by Brooke Eikmeier and Katherine Walczak. Art by Eric Gapstur and Phil Hester.


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