Flash Season 1 DVD & Blu-Ray Available for Pre-Order

FlashFans.org spotted a great piece of news: The US edition of the CW Flash TV Season 1 DVD and Blu-Ray sets are now available for pre-order on Amazon! No word yet on an actual release date. Both editions show a list price of roughly $60, with pre-order set around $42.

Who’s planning to get this? Or have you abandoned primitive laser technology and physical distribution in favor of digital streaming?

Flash Season 1


8 thoughts on “Flash Season 1 DVD & Blu-Ray Available for Pre-Order

      1. Kelson Post author

        1. Where? CW’s website only has the latest 5. Hulu has the latest 6. If you want to (legally) rewatch the pilot today, you need to have recorded it yourself, or bought a digital copy on iTunes/Amazon/etc.
        2. That’s in the US. Other countries probably have access to different episodes.
        3. I wouldn’t count on season 1 *still* being available for free streaming when season 2 rolls around (or, for that matter, a few years down the line), with the likely exception of it rotating through subscription services like Netflix.
        4. Extras.

        1. Lia

          All of these are true, and we also just like to buy DVDs of TV series we enjoy. We have a lot of DVDs, probably way too many :>

          In Canada we can watch the most recent episode on CTV’s site, but I think that’s it. I can’t view anything on the CW’s site, and sites like Hulu are blocked to non-Americans. Netflix does exist in Canada now, but it’s notoriously lacking in stuff compared to the American version…I don’t know if it has Flash. Regardless, I’d just like to watch episodes when I want to see them, so a DVD is good for me.

  1. Mike

    I’ll be getting the series on Blu-Ray! If there is a special edition release with some sort of incentive. I’ll be getting that I am certain. I just hope that there aren’t multiple renditions of incentives packed in across multiple retailers. Cause that will suck.


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